How to refill gas from the home air conditioner

How to refill gas from the home air conditioner

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How to refill gas in the home air conditioner: instructions on refilling the gas of the home air conditioner. Best gas for air conditioner and useful tips.

What is the gas in the air conditioner for?

In theair conditioning system(both of the house and of the car) thegasit is necessary to perform the heat exchange with the environment and generate fresh air or hot air as needed.

There are several types of refrigerant gas and in recent years the most efficient and environmentally friendly ones have been spreading.

Thererefilling the refrigerant gasinconditionerdomestic is simple and can also be done with thedo-it-yourself. Not all types of gas, however, see similar refilling methods even if in principle you operate with kits and gas cylinders.

For the R-32 gas, refilling is extremely simple and can take place both with the fluid in the liquid state and in the gaseous state.

Best refrigerant gas for the air conditioner

The most advanced models use thegas R-32. It is a very efficient fluid from an energy point of view. Among the advantages of thegas R-32there is the already mentioned efficiency and its low consumption (a smaller quantity is used than arefrigerant gasbased on carbon dioxide).

Anotherrefrigerant gasthe one known asR-410A which before the introduction of the R-32 was considered the best.

The R410A refrigerant gas has a slightly lower GWP than units running on R-32 gas. TheGWPis defined asglobal warming potential, it is a value that expresses theenvironmental impact potential that therefrigerant gaswould have on global warming if it were released into the atmosphere.

GWP is a relative value. It compares the impact that 1 kg of refrigerant X would have compared to 1 kg of carbon dioxide-based refrigerant with reference to a period of 100 years.

The spread of theR-32 refrigerant gasit was intended to comply with the environmental standards dictated by the new European legislation on fluorinated gases.

How to refill gas from the home air conditioner

Forrefill the air conditioner gasit is possible to use special kits.

If thehome air conditioning systemis completely discharged, moisture contamination could probably exist. If there is moisture in the system, the gas refill may give unsatisfactory results.

If you have repaired a system leak beforerecharge the air conditioneruse a pump that can remove the air and residual moisture.

Always before therecharging domestic air conditioning,carry out the classic maintenance interventions of the air conditioner: clean the filters, check for any obstructions, check that the condenser fan is working efficiently, check for leaks from the joints of the channels and finally check that there are no electrical malfunctions.

If the system is fully functional, you can finally proceed with therecharging the home air conditioning.

Forrecharge the air conditioneryou will need:

  • the right coolant
    to find out which refrigerant you need, consult the system user manual
  • dispenser and adapter if applicable
    according to the type of connection for charging your system, you will have to choose the type of dispenser. For example, normal Schrader connection valves have quick connection adapters that won't make you loserefrigerant gasduring the operation ofcharging.

Among the most used gases we point out R-32, R-22 (seen as HCFC-22) andR-410Asold as SUV410A or Puron.

Turn off the air conditioner and completely disconnect the system from the thermostat. The outdoor unit has fuses to be removed.

To recharge the air conditioner, use the instructions available in the user manual and above all it is better to have a suitable kit.

Not all air conditioners have pressure gauges with different colors that will indicate the optimal amount of coolant to be poured into the system and for this, once again, we refer you to the user manual.

For kits and cylinders to refill the air conditioning, please refer tothis Amazon page.

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