Food forever! 77 Kg per square meter

Food forever! 77 Kg per square meter

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Today I share a very special video as always. We are going to harvest one of the most generous plants we know, it is a permanent crop and every year it will give many kilos of food in very little space, whether it is a flowerbed, in the open field or in a pot ... the truth is that no it has limits.

It is recommended for temperate zones, but surely there are species that grow in other climates.

In this experience, I was able to harvest a large amount in just that small space of 30x30cm = 900 Cm2 (7 Kg), now let's assume a yield of 5 or 3 kg at least in that same space, anyway we are talking about 55Kg per m2 or in the worst case 33.3 kg per m2, it seems very abundant anyway and much more understanding that absolutely NOTHING was done during its cultivation.

The downside of having so much production is that it is not so easy to keep off the ground, it does not last as long as you might expect, so it is better to harvest in small batches as I did, otherwise it will rot very quickly unless let's give it a good cleaning.

But its tendency is to dehydrate quickly, it is not like potatoes ...

Below I share more information about this crop and its vulgar and scientific names.

Common names: Jerusalem artichoke, Topinambur, Nyàmeres, Pataca, Chanchera potato, Jerusalem artichoke or Canadian Sunflower.

Scientific Name: Helianthus tuberosus

Family: Asteraceae or Composite

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These tubers store inulin instead of starch. Inulin is a carbohydrate that cooking transforms into fructose Nutritional information: Proteins = 2 g Fat = 0.01 g Carbohydrates = 17.44 g Fiber = 1.6 g Sugars = 9.6 g Iron = 3.4 mg Calcium = 14 mg Magnesium = 17 mg Phosphorus = 78 mg Potassium = 429 mg Vitamin C = 4 mg Thiamine = 0.2 mg Riboflavin = 0.06 mg Niacin = 1.3 mg Pantothenic acid = 0.397 mg Vitamin B6 = 0.077 mg Folates = 13 μg


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