Efficient heating that releases heat for hours

Efficient heating that releases heat for hours

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Today I am sharing with you this stove in operation and we are going to make some simple measurements, I hope it serves as a reference and encourages you to build your stove, I leave you the contact of references to guide and advise you on this path below.

Today we are facing a great crisis, something never seen before and these stoves can save many lives, since by not having the economic or natural resource to obtain heat it is very difficult to survive the winter and here we no longer only talk about people in a precarious housing situation but also people with large and poorly designed houses that already last year could not obtain the necessary heat to have basic needs covered.

This crisis pushes us to take care of resources and give them the best possible use and it is here where these inertial stoves or fireplaces are present ...

Recommended link:

I leave you a very easy model to make and with OFFICIAL plans such as the SARA Stove, which is very good to start with:

Also join a list of references:

Builders and advisers in the matter so that you can count on a professional guide on your way, each of them with different approaches and different accompaniment proposals, but all of them with years of work on the subject.

Stove Builders and Mentors:

Here is more information about inertial stoves or fireplaces and other links of interest for students, curious and self-builders.

Peter van den Berg (international stove and creator of the BBR model)
Inertial Stoves (Wikipedia):
SARA stove:
Stove plans by Pablo Kulbaba (Hacono):

Source: Holistic Permaculture

Video: 47. Rocket Mass Heaters: A better burning wood stove (July 2022).


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