The fine print of the "covid agreement" that will accelerate environmental depredation in Chile

The fine print of the

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The political scientist and coordinator of policy and regulation of Sustainable Chile, Pamela Poo, accused this Sunday of the existence of a "fine print", in environmental terms, in the so-called "Covid Agreement" reached this Sunday by the Government of Piñera and some parties of Opposition.

It's about a "fast track”For investment projects, mentioned in the agreement as an item of“ speeding up regulations and deadlines for investment projects ”.

In this regard, Pamela Poo stated that “It is the same strategy as always, to accelerate investment projects. Entrepreneurs complain that there are many procedures and permits for mining and energy projects, and that this makes them delay“.

In that sense, he indicated that the opposition parties “They weren't even able to tie up a green, sustainable economic reactivation, something different from what brought us to the current crisis. On the other hand, they agree that the National Productivity Commission is the one that will propose the regulatory agenda for the deadlines for the projects. And who makes up this commission? It is like a Ministry of Finance with pure economists. Where is the transversality to make decisions in environmental terms?Poo wondered.

Finally, the political scientist commented that this agreement means that “for three months you assured families income, but later, other families will have to endure for many more years investment projects that are extremely invasive in relation to water, to the territory. So, we continue on the same path of deepening the environmental crises that we already have.“.

Read the "covid agreement" here:
Framework of Understanding for… (241.13 kB)

Let us remember that the Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, announced during the early hours of this Sunday that the Government reached a "transversal agreement" with representatives of "part of the opposition" (PPD, PS and DC), to face the economic crisis through Chile, in the midst of the spread of the coronavirus.

Source: The Citizen

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