Spanish sustainable companies on the rise

Spanish sustainable companies on the rise

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2019 has been the year of climate change. The climate emergency that we are facing as a species and as a planet affects us all, and the debates around this issue have spread in recent times with the eruption of environmental movements that demand large-scale measures.

The tendency to confront this problem and assume that the consequences of this phenomenon are real and immediately palpable is increasing. This is a trend that is taking place around the world and in all areas of life.

In the field of market economy, this awareness translates into the creation of companies whose central idea has certain philosophies that seek to be in harmony with the environment, reduce the negative impact on the climate and slow down the acceleration of climate change.

This growing number of green and sustainable companies has made investors, in turn, find it more attractive to buy shares in these companies. Investors who are dedicated to buying and selling stocks online have seen great opportunities in the green business industries, since, in addition to helping to mitigate the effects of climate change, they are usually interesting sources of economic profit.

What are these companies?

These sustainable companies aim to improve different aspects of the functioning of traditional businesses and companies. The services and goods offered by these sustainable businesses (many of them small and medium-sized newly created companies) tend to be of the same or better quality than traditional ones, with the addition that they reduce the negative impact on the environment and do not contribute to the acceleration of the climate emergency.

Some of the large sustainable companies in Spain are characterized by having a business model that attempts to reduce pollution through the re-planning of supply processes or the financing of external projects that contribute to improving society and the environment. Among these companies, the following stand out:

EnergyRevival is a Basque battery reconditioning and commercialization company from Gipuzkoa. Energy accumulators that collect, recycle and repair are highly polluting. By giving these objects another life, he is actively dedicated to reducing pollution in the environment.

E-Waste Canarias, for its part, is dedicated to the treatment of electrical device waste. An activity that is already positive for the environment, but if we also take into account that the source of energy it uses is biogas, it is almost the height of ecology.

Irizaris another company based in the historic territory of Gipuzkoa. It is a well-known passenger coach company and, as such, has been one of the pioneers in taking a step forward with a fleet made up of electric vehicles.

Finally, it is worth mentioning Glen Biotech from Alicante, which develops pest control products. These products do not pollute the soil or water, and act against the red weevil beetle, an insect that destroys the plant ecosystem in the area.

In short, green businesses have seen growth at both the global and state levels. In Spain these companies represent a very successful business model, both for entrepreneurs and investors, as well as for society and the environment, of course. It is companies like the ones mentioned above that really distribute their profits in a world where this does not usually happen.

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