How to make cherry cuttings

How to make cherry cuttings

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How to make cherry cuttings: the instructions to multiply the cherry tree by cutting. From cherry cutting to multiplication with suckers.

On this page we will see how to make cherry tree cuttings, explaining how to monitor the rooting and how to increase its possibilities.

Therecuttingis not the most suitable technique for multiplying theCherry tree. To shorten the fruiting times, in general, it is chosen to carry out a graft on a rootstock already 3 - 4 years.

Cherry cutting, period

When to make the cherry cutting? The most suitable period falls in spring or towards the end of summer. In spring, you will have to choose a young, vigorous and healthy branch by discarding flowering or budding branches.

How to make cherry cuttings

For thewoody cuttingsit is recommended to place the branch in a mixture of peat and sand or peat and perlite. This mixture must be kept constantly moist. In particular, perlite helps the absorption of nutrients and assists root growth. Perlite is not particularly expensive, on Amazon a 100 kg bag of perlite plant to encourage root development is offered at a price of 22.23 euros.

Since thecherry cuttingsthey do not take root very easily, it will be necessary to impregnate the base of the cut branch (cutting) with a "rooting hormone". To facilitate rooting, before burying the cherry cutting in the perlite and peat mixture, soak the base of thecuttingin a stimulating product for woody cuttings like the Radicante Clonex, offered on Amazon with free shipping at a price of about 13 euros.

How to make the cherry cutting?

  • Observe the plant and choose a young branch, free from buds and with few leaves.
  • Cut the branch with a scissors previously sterilized with alcohol. Cut the cutting with a clean oblique cut.
  • Leave the base of the cutting in water for a few hours and then immerse it in a rooting substance.
  • Bury half yourscherry cuttingin a mixture of peat and sand or peat and perlite.
  • Place the cutting in a shady area or even better in a cold greenhouse.
  • Water every day for the first 10 days.
  • Apply an envelope around the cutting to increase the saturation of the air and make it rich in humidity.
  • Continue with the irrigations bringing the water from the bottom but this time irrigate every 3-4 days.
  • After a month, make a few holes in the plastic bag. Make new holes every 5 days until the bag is completely removed.

How to make cherry cuttings, rooting

To further increase the chances of taking root, you can add rooting hormone to the perlite and peat mixture and you must water every day for the first 10 days after planting.

If thecuttingshould take root, do not move the plant to the sun. Keep it in a shady area for another three or four months.

The cherry cutting certainly won't root in the first month. If you are lucky, it may hunt the first roots towards the end of the second month. You can understand if yourscuttingit is resisting observing the leaves: if after the second month it will still keep the leaves there is a good chance that it has taken root successfully.

Multiplication of the cherry tree by suckers

As an alternative tocuttingsyou can resort to the separation of root suckers or they can be taken together with a good clod of soil.

If at the base of yoursCherry treeyou will notice some suckers appear, you can take them and plant them to raise new plants.

If the cherry tree has been grafted, the sucker taken will be that of the rootstock. In this case, you will almost certainly breed awild cherry therefore with less sweet fruits. The suckers taken from the rootstock can be grafted in turn with asweet cherry.

In general, the sweet cherry is cultivated with the grafting technique using a strong and vigorous rootstock, it is for this reason that the recommended multiplication technique is in turn the grafting, with bud, triangle or omega graft. There cherry cutting it is not very widespread because it does not have a high chance of taking root.

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