Airedale Terrier: character, appearance and price

Airedale Terrier: character, appearance and price

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Airedale Terrier, a canine breed recognized by the FCI and which comes from England. To be precise it is a geographic region of Yorkshire which includes the valley of the Aire river to give her birth and, in addition to her birthplace, has also left her name. There valley is called Airedale and the dog is called therefore as this area is in English "dale" means "valley".

Another name with which we always refer to this animal, always in English to make him feel comfortable, is "King of Terriers": is the largest of the Terriers. Its origins, which we immediately go to discover, tell of his past as a hunter, as dogs born in England often are, but in Italy currently theAiredale Terrier it is mainly considered as a guard and companion dog. If desired, and knowing how to train well, it can become an excellent defense dog.

Airedale Terrier: origins

We have to go back a century to know the origins ofAiredale Terrier, and go to his English valley to the fishermen who lived there and who selected this breed by crossing Otterhound subjects with Black and Tan Terrier, a breed now extinct.

Initially the dogs obtained were dedicated to otter hunting: there were real "mouse and otter hunting" competitions and ours Airedale Terrier excelled. This does not mean that he also minded hunting bears, wolves, wild boars and deer. Another ancient function of this breed is to eliminate rodents, it was also used as a retriever.

The standard of the Airedale Terrier it is quite old, it was approved in 1886, in fact it is one of the first dogs recruited by the British army, for example in the First World War it served as a messenger in the trenches of Flanders. Or helped the Red Cross. Around the same time he began looking for missing persons in India, Africa and Canada.

Airedale Terrier: appearance

Hard, and dark hair, theAiredale Terrier it is a medium-large sized dog, with a very solid structure, also well proportioned as a whole. The "whole" at the withers measures 57 - 59 centimeters, for a weight that varies between 20 and 25 kg. With a sharp and decisive expression, the head of this dog is elongated and shaped like a parallelepiped, with the stop barely visible, the wide and black nose, and the "v" shaped ears carried sideways and small in proportion to the size.

The coat, with hard and short hair, is usually black and tan. However or standard speaks of colors like this: tan and tan on the head and ears, tan on the limbs, black or dark gray on the rest of the body. Remember that the cloak ofAiredale Terrier it must be stripped manually and never cut, brushed well to favor the natural replacement of the undercoat and avoid hair loss in the home.

Black Airedale Terrier

It is true that I indicated black or very dark gray as the color of the coat, but there is some confusion between Airedale Terrier and the Russian Black Terrier. Confusion justified considering that the second is a breed recognized by the FCI in 1984 and created in Russia in the late forties by selecting crossings between breeds including ours.

To be precise, the mixing took place between Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier and Newfoundland Dog, with a prevalence of the second. The aim of the breed's creators was to develop a large, courageous, strong and easily manageable working dog with an instinct to guard. It had to be multitasking and adaptable to even adverse weather conditions. Let us remember that we are in Russia this time.

Airedale Terrier: character

He is immediately recognized among a thousand for his quick movements and his nice and very lively expression: the Airedale Terrier he is a dog attentive to what happens to him and shows himself courageous, stubborn, decisive. It is also an extremely loyal and faithful breed, also independent but never opinionated or rude to the point of disrespecting the master.

In general, however, let's remember that he is a Terrier and his nature does not betray it: they are not easy types to train, but like everyone else, they have the indisputable and obvious "vice" of loving the game very much. They are delightful with children, even delicate, reliable but who love to have fun.

Everything suggests that the Airedale Terrier it is therefore suitable for family life: it is faithful to us, it is also suitable for children, and moreover, if it is educated well, it can coexist peacefully with other animals, even with cats. As a nature, in fact, it is a lot jovial and serene, curious and experimenter: who has one says that he likes to be taken to new places to explore on long adventurous walks in our company. Never the "usual obsessive stroll", were it for him, around the flower bed.

Airedale Terrier: breeding

In Italy for this breed there are 8 farms indicated by Enci, of which 4 in Lombardy, 2 in Piedmont, both in the Turin area, and then 1 in Veneto and 1 in Tuscany. As a treatment, being a robust and long-lived dog, there are no weak points to watch out for. Even as potential masters, the Airedale Terrier it is very versatile and meets many types of humanity. For apartment life there are no problems, he loves being outdoors, but just guarantee him some nice walks.

Both shepherd and hunting dog, theAiredale Terrier in this sense it shows a double face and is defined as a working dog. He is very intelligent and has an infrequent instinct, this makes him versatile and ready for anything, even the last. In recent decades, in Europe, its charm has also begun to be noticed, aesthetically speaking, 100%, so they were born farms and activities all aimed at aesthetes and enthusiasts of canine manifestations type "catwalks".

Airedale Terrier: price

A puppy of Airedale Terrier it usually costs at least800 - 900 euros. It depends a lot on each individual breeding and on the dog's pedigree, but it is difficult, if everything is in order and the animal is healthy, to find it without. Even if the Airedale Terrier enjoys good health and no particular weak points, it is good to check before taking a specimen.

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