Prefabricated wooden house

Prefabricated wooden house

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Prefabricated wooden house: characteristics, living comfort, advantages and disadvantages. All information on prefabricated wooden houses.

Theprefabricated in woodit can be used both for the construction of a house and for the extension of an existing building.

Aprefabricated wooden houseit is characterized by good living comfort dictated by the intrinsic properties of the constituent material. Wood has a reduced thermal conductivity, is breathable and regulates the microclimate of the house, minimizing the problemhumidityand counteracting the formation of mold. Wood, combined with other natural materials, guarantees the perfect internal microclimate, keeping the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter.

Aprefabricated wooden houserepresents a housing solutiondefinitive. Many are the users who have doubts about an allegeddeadlineof theprefabricated. In fact, each manufacturer offers its own guarantee: theprefabricated wooden housesthey are covered by a guarantee that certifies their duration over time. The warranty offered by many manufacturers is 100 years.

Prefabricated wooden house, advantages

Wood has advantages related to its intrinsic properties, in fact it is a material:

  • natural
  • sustainable
  • resistant
  • long lasting
  • flexible in construction and subsequent modifications
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • energy efficient

The high living comfort is not the only advantage; among the advantages that should not be underestimated are fixed prices (without surprises) and very short set-up times. The cost of oneprefabricated housedoes not undergo the classic increases given by the construction labor of masonry buildings (extension of excavation work for the foundations, problems with vertical structures ...), awooden houseit is pre-assembled in the factory and therefore when the buyer purchases the parts they are already included with electrical and hydraulic predisposition that are assembled on site. This management also guarantees economic savings on waste disposal with a clean management of the construction site.

For those who live in earthquake-prone areas, the prefabricated wooden houses they are also safer than traditional ones. A prefabricated wooden house well structured, it is able to absorb without too many problems the damage caused by an earthquake equal to the seventh degree of the Mercalli scale. For comparison, the earthquake that devastated L'Aquila was equal to 5.8 degrees.

The costs ofwooden housesrise based ondegree of insulationand tosquare footage. The best homes prefabricated in woodthey are made with wood and other natural insulating materials. Characterized by fixtures of a high energy class and able to guarantee high domestic comfort.

Prefabricated in wood to expand a house

As anticipated, aprefabricated woodit can be used to build a house, to extend an existing building or as part of the demo-reconstructionsdemolish and then rebuild.

In many places in Italy, the urban plan provides for a very limited development, so much so that in case of renovation of existing volumes or demolition with subsequent reconstruction, it is not possible to expand the house. A solution forbuildon land already built consists precisely in the use ofprefabricated in wood.

The purchase of aprefabricated in wood, in this context, can benefit from tax deductions of 50% for renovations or up to 65% of personal income tax deductions in the case of works that provide for an energy requalification of the building.

The only constraint to exploit aprefabricated in woodto renovate home is that the works ofreconstructionmust necessarily respect the same volume of the pre-existing building.

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