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Vegetable cream: nutritional properties, health risks and recipe to prepare it at home quickly and easily.

The name"Vegetable cream"it is used improperly: cream is, by definition, milk cream of animal origin. Have you noticed that on the packages of "vegetable cream"That we find on the market is the word" cream "always absent? To be marketed as cream, a product must derive from the processing of milk.

This is why among the supermarket shelves we find thevegetable creamunder the name of "Preparation based on hydrogenated fats "or "Preparation based on vegetable fats ".

Cream of animal origin is obtained by centrifuging fresh milk and thus separating the fat molecules. Milk of vegetable origin does not contain intrinsic fats and for this reason they must be added above all in the form of hydrogenated fats.

Hydrogenated fats, unfortunately, are not very healthy because hydrogenation produces, in addition to type fats Are you there, even type ones transwhich cannot bebest managedfrom our body. The vegetable cream that we find on the market is generally produced from palm oil or low-cost oils that contain a high amount of long-chain saturated fats (the most harmful).

If you really want to buy a "vegetable cream ", make sure of the ingredients. Even if they are less common, on the market there are less harmful plant-based milk preparations that should be consumed with caution but that do not contain hydrogenated fats. An example of this is the Non-hydrogenated vegetable fat-based preparation of the well-known “Hoplà” brand. Warning! However, these products contain vegetable oils rich in saturated fats such as, in this case, the so-called palm kernel oil.

How many calories does vegetable cream have? About 298 kcal an unsweetened vegetable cream.

The best way to consumevegetable creamas healthy as possible provides for self-production.

Homemade vegetable cream

Making vegetable cream at home is not difficult. The recipe of thevegetable creamcontains only two ingredients, one of which is oil (soybean, corn or, better still, canola oil), so the finished product will not be healthy but certainly healthier than what we find on the supermarket shelves.

How to prepare homemade vegetable cream?
You will need soy milk and corn (or soy) oil. Here is the complete recipe of ingredients and procedure. To make 250 ml of vegetable cream at home you will need:

  • 100 ml of soy milk
  • 175 ml of corn oil, soybean oil or canola oil


In the container of theimmersion mixer, add the two ingredients. Blend intermittently untilemulsifythe two ingredients. Blended in when the two ingredients will have reached the typical consistency ofvegetable cream.

Therehomemade vegetable creamit can be used both to prepare sweets and desserts, and to flavor first courses and savory dishes. In case you want to use thehomemade vegetable creamto prepare desserts, you will need to enrich it with sugar or stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener.

Canola oil is the most suitable for making cream at home and for many other preparations that involve the use of high doses of oil. The American FDA (Food and Drug Administration),stated that thecanola oilit can help in preventing cardiovascular diseases and, from a nutritional point of view, it has only 7% saturated fat against 13% of saturated fat contained in corn oil and 15% of saturated fat contained in oil of soybeans.

Whipped cream and whipping cream

Therevegetable cream recipehomemade it is easy to implement and, as stated, it can be used both for desserts and for rustic dishes. Therehomemade vegetable creamit can also be used as whipping cream. Whipped cream is nothing more than whipping cream that incorporates air into the fat component. By incorporating air between the vegetable fats of the cream, a soft and foamy consistency is obtained, widely used in pastry.

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