Calendula oil, properties and uses

Calendula oil, properties and uses

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Calendula oil: properties, skin care benefits and uses. When and how to use calendula oil, where to find it and prices.

Therecalendulait is a species widely used in homeopathy: its active ingredients perform antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal activities and are popular for their soothing action. Preparations based on calendula are able to calm burns, itching and relieve various ailments. This is why he givescalendulaoils, ointments, infusions, decoctions and mother tinctures can be prepared for use phyto therapeutic.

The species used for the preparation of compounds intended forphytotherapyI'm thereCalendula Officinalisand theCalendula arvensis. In reality, most of the active ingredients are located in the petals and Calendula officinalis offers larger flowers so it is the most used botanical species because it offers a greater yield. To prepare decoctions, infusions and macerates in the home, the use ofmarigold of the fields (Calendula arvensis).

If thecalendula oilIt is perfect for external use, calendula mother tincture can come in handy for internal use. The mother tincture of calendula is rich in active ingredients such as carotenoids, flavonoids and sterols which are able to improve the activity of our immune defense. In addition, the mother tincture of calendula can relieve very different ailments such as fermminile amenorrhea, inflammation of the airways and skin irritations.

Calendula oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, it is to these constituents that we owe the soothing and healing properties.

Unlike mother tinctures that involve the use of solvents, the'Calendula oilit is produced starting from a completely natural process. An infusion during which the flowers, still closed in buds, discharge all the active ingredients in another vegetable oil. This is why when it comes tocalendula oilit would be more appropriate to use the definition "calendula infusion oil". If in the home the production is limited to a period of maceration of the flowers, in vegetable oil, of 40 days, in the industrial field there is an additional mechanical stress to obtain higher yields and concentrations of more appreciable active ingredients.

Calndula oil, use

L'calendula oilis manufactured fortopical use and it is widely used pure, as an ointment, but also in combination with other ingredients for the preparation of oily creams or products against acne, atopic dermatitis or other skin inflammations. It is a very good onecarrier oilhence the power ofcalendulait can be associated with the properties and benefits offered by the most diverse essential oils.

L'calendula infusion oil it is particularly suitable for the treatment of stretch marks and scars, to speed up the healing process of the skin.

The uses are the most diverse. Calendula infusion oil can be used for:

  • promote the healing of burns and scars
  • soothe sensations of itching
  • relieve dermatitis, including atopic dermatitis
  • heal small wounds
  • counteract skin dryness
  • treat acne in a natural way
  • eliminate chilblains and calluses

Calendula oil, where to buy it

Calendula infusion oil is not difficult to find. Before purchasing, we recommend that you read the label carefully and choose only natural and transparent products in production methods.

Calendula oil can be bought in shops specializing in the production of natural extracts, in herbal medicine and in pharmacies specializing in homeopathic remedies, it can also be easily bought on the web. Among the various products available on the web we point out the 100% Natural Calendula Oil offered on Amazon at a price of 7.49 euros with free shipping costs.

We chose this product precisely for its good quality / price ratio and because the manufacturing company is family-run and produces any extract with natural methods. For example, hiscalendula-infused oilit is obtained by leaving the marigold buds to macerate for a long time in sunflower oil without adding other solvents.

L'calendula-infused oil becomes even more effective when used in combination with thecedar essential oil.

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