Remove limescale from the shower

Remove limescale from the shower

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How to remove limescale from the shower: the instructions to free the shower head from limescale to improve the flow of water. Tips for removing limescale from the shower box (from the shower tray, from the ceramics and from the bathroom and from the glass).

In this guide we will seehow to remove limescale from the showerwithnatural remediesor with ad hoc chemicals. Before purchasing chemicals, we recommend that you experiment with our natural remedies in order to save your wallet and protect the environment.

Limescale in the shower tends to accumulate especially at certain points:

  • In the inlets of the hose.
  • On the plate, especially in the presence of non-slip protrusions that hinder the flow of water.
  • In the holes of the "Shower"(shower head).
  • In the long run, streaks caused by limescale tend to form on the glass of the shower box.
  • On the cap.

Limescale in the shower, prevention

To prevent the formation of limescale in the shower and in all its components, it is possible to adopt two strategies: one very boring but cheap, the other very expensive but immediate! In this paragraph we will see how to prevent limescale from forming in the shower and in all its components (plate, glass, flexible hose, shower head…).

The economical method that will allow you to prevent the formation of limescale in the shower is to dryalways the shower and each of its components, at the end of use. For the shower head, there are shower heads with anti-limescale nozzles that are easier to clean.

A more expensive method that solves the limescale problem throughout the house for the benefit of taps, hygiene and the washing machine, involves the installation of a water softener. For every information:water softener.

Remove limescale from the shower: the shower head

Limestone tends to clog the holes in theshower head(that tool we commonly callwater shower) preventing the normal escape of water. You can use various natural remedies to clean the shower head, the most effective is vinegar! Here's how to proceed to clean theShowerof the bath or shower:

  • First, unscrew the shower head.
  • Fill a basin with white wine vinegar and immerse the shower head in the liquid.
  • Make sure that the outlet nozzles of the shower head are completely covered with vinegar.
  • Let the vinegar act for at least five hours.
  • Brush the surface of the nozzles with an old toothbrush or a semi-stiff bristle brush.
  • Rinse the shower head with demineralized water (or with running water, but dry it before assembly) and then mount it.

Anti-limescale shower head

If you have oneShoweranti-limescalecleaning will be much easier. Among the various market proposals there are cheaper ones such asGrohe single jet shower with EcoJoy technology(on Amazon you can buy it with 14 euros and free shipping costs).

From personal experience I tell you that it is not necessary to disassemble or use spatulas: if you have very calcareous water, once a month you just need to pass the back of a knife (not the sharp and notched part, but the smooth one without a blade ) along the rubberized surface of the shower which, thanks to the anti-limestone technology (which in the aforementioned shower is called SpeedClean), will blow away the limescale residues in a few moments and the water jet will return to being alive.

Remove limescale from the shower with vinegar

Vinegar can help you clean the shower or thebathtubin a natural way. The vinegar behaves very well natural anti-limescale and it can give new splendor to the areas affected by limestone (shower tray, glass, plug…). For the cleaning of bathroom fixtures (shower tray and bathtub included), vinegar finds a good accomplice in baking soda: a solution given by white wine vinegar and baking soda can be useful for sanitizing the ceramics of the bathroom, eliminate limestone and restore its ancient splendor.

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