Small bathroom, how to furnish it

Small bathroom, how to furnish it

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Small bathroom, how to furnish it: tips for furnishing a small bathroom with a shower box and in a modern style. Indications in case ofrenovation, design and arrangement of sanitary ware.

There are no problems if the bathroom is not very spacious, with the right choice and arrangement of the sanitary ware it is possible to guarantee maximum comfort even in confined spaces.

The first step to take forfurnish a small bathroomconsists in the right choice of bathroom fixtures and their location in the space. You cannot expect a small bathroom with a bathtub: the bathtub should only be inserted when the measures allow it, so don't try to force it! To optimize space, just insert the shower box at an angle!

Small bathroom, how to furnish it with the right choices

In the article entitledHow to furnish a small bathroomwe have reported functional examples of washbasins and sanitary ware that could be adopted in small spaces. When choosing the bathroom fixtures, prefer compact and functional models in order to make the most of confined spaces.

Sacrifice the bidet

If space is really minimal, you can think about sacrificing thebidetadopting a toilet with shower that allows the washing of intimate areas by means of a water jet positioned at the base of the toilet.

Sanitary, furniture and washbasins

Who has a small bathroommust enhance every available cm. On the market there are sanitary ware up to 6 cm shallower than the standard models. Choosing compact furniture and sanitary ware will be possibleto furnishtwo walls placed in front and have more space to move.

As for furniture, washbasins installed on furniture to be placed on the ground or suspended and embedded in the wall are very popular. On the market there are vanity units with L-shaped opening so as to ensure maximum yield of the space below the sink.

Arrangement of sanitary ware

The shower cubicle should be placed at an angle or, those who prefer to dare, can take an entire wall (the smaller side and only if the bathroom has a rectangular plan), if the measures allow it, those who prefer can install the bathtub on the wall instead of the shower cubicle. The sink can be inserted in the corner opposite that of the shower cubicle. With the sink and shower cubicle placed in opposite corners, there is enough space to install the toilet and bidet or just the toilet in the case of a toilet with shower.

Furnishing a bathroom without windows

If the bathroom has no windows, maximize the sources of artificial lighting, insert an oversized mirror and, in the project, insert a mechanical ventilation system for air exchange. A bathroom without a window tends to suffer from problems related to the humidity of the vapors released into the environment, for this reason a ventilation system that can guarantee the appropriate air changes cannot be missing.

How to make the bathroom look bigger

Unless you are considering arenovationto expand the bathroom, the only way you can make the room seem more spacious is to follow small tricks and ad hoc strategies.

The suspended sanitary fixtures that go to embedded in the wall give a greater feeling of amplitude in the room. Even the choice of the correct shower enclosure can make a difference: avoid buying a closed enclosure, choose a shower enclosure with an open enclosure in transparent glass, even better if the tub is flush with the floor.

Renovating a small bathroom

Who intendsrenovateasmall bathroomor simply furnish it, can count onrenovation bonus and furniture bonus. By restructuring we mean the implementation of extraordinary maintenance works.

The mere replacement of the bathtub with a shower box can access state incentives only if this intervention is associated with a more significant replacement of the bathroom plumbing pipes. In the context of thebathroom renovation, can access the incentives provided with the restructuring bonus, interventions such as: replacement of the floor, replacement of bathroom tiles, reconstruction of the plumbing system, replacement of doors and windows, construction of a ventilation system for air exchange ... Once you have taken advantage of the renovation bonus, you can obtain tax deductions to cover 50% of the expenditure incurred for the purchase of furnishing accessories such as sanitary ware, washbasins, shower cubicles and bathroom cabinets. For all information, please read the page dedicated to the Irpef tax relief:deduction for restructuring, interventions allowed.

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