Weigelia: florid garden plant

Weigelia: florid garden plant

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Weigelia it is a plant, indeed, there are twelve different plants that appear as shrubs with deciduous leaves and beautiful flowers of various colors, wider than long, very pleasing to the eye. Let's see which are the most aesthetically appreciated varieties and some advice on how to grow them to make them burst of flowers in spring.

Weigelia: characteristics

There weigelia is a genus of plant belonging to the family of coprifoliaceae and gives us twelve different species, all of which are united by their Asian origin, but not only.

In general, this type of shrub has lanceolate-shaped leaves, usually light green in color. A peculiarity of the Weigelia it is its propagation and development especially horizontally. It is quite unusual for a shrub-type plant, in fact, that a large amount of branches and stems, as well as leaves, is especially in width. This takes away only one Weigelia even reaches 3 meters in height. From the younger branches the flowers are born, splendid and colorful, reminiscent of bundles, but there are different types.

Weigelia Variegata

There Weigela florida 'Variegata' it is a shrub with leaves that have a yellow variegation, the flowers of a delicate pink color, appear around May. The preferred soil for this variety is well-drained, the plant should be placed in partial shade and produces flowers until late July, over the years it reaches a height of up to 2 meters.

Weigelia Nana

There is also a version Weigelia dwarf and its leaves have brown shades. Being in fact dwarf, with the complete and rigorous name of Weigelia florida 'Nana Purpurea', It does not grow more than one meter and a half in height, The flower of this variety has a deeper color, it is purple pink, but like the Varied prefers normal well-drained soil and a not too sunny location. If we treat it well, it blooms from May onwards, until June.

Weigelia Florida

It is also called Alexandra la Weigela florida and this time the leaves are brown but also with a purple touch. This is perhaps a more generous variety in its flowering, but only if well placed in a normal well drained soil. Also in this case the flower is purple and between May and June it gives splashes of color to our garden, but we do not exaggerate to plant it thickly, maximum one Weigelia per square meter.

Weigelia: flowering

The period in which we can count on the beautiful flowering of the Weigelia to stay happy it is the one that runs from May to July, even if it varies considerably for the different types. In this period of time, tiny shoots appear from the younger branches of the shrub which will then become gods tubular flowers, They are of various colors, usually pink on the outside, white on the inside. Above all, the exterior can have different shades, from pastel pink, delicate, to purple pink, more decisive and courageous.

Weigelia: pruning

As soon as flowering is finished it is necessary to prune, it is not to be forgotten if you want to have a beautiful flower show. Another important event not to be missed is that of the fertilization of weigelia: strictly in spring, close to flowering.

It is a matter of adding mature manure to the soil or alternatively some organic soil, it is nothing tiring or demanding for us. Instead for the plant it is essential to have the optimal conditions for growth and development. And for the future flowering.

More tips on how to grow the Weigelia concern its positioning: it certainly wants the sun but we must not exaggerate because it is a plant that suffers a lot from drought, so we do not direct sun all day and we check the soil. Watering at the same time can also be quite spaced unless the plant is in pot, then we must be very careful to keep the always damp earth.

Weigelia: where to buy it

For those who want to embellish their garden with this shrub with small but very decorative bell-shaped flowers, here is a Weigelia Bristol Ruby less than 10 euros. The flowering of this variety is "decidedly decisive" and will not go unnoticed throughout the period from May to July with its deep pink - red. Let's place it in a sunny area and it will even reach 1 meter and a half in height.

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