Munchkin cat: breeding and price

Munchkin cat: breeding and price

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Munchkin cat, also known as the dachshund cat, has an appearance that is difficult to confuse but those who suspect that behind its short legs there is a hand of man, and of the "perversions" of those who necessarily want animals to be a phenomenon, are mistaken. The Munchkin cat it "popped up" like this and there are those who like it. In fact it is not bad at all, aesthetic side, while the character is truly irresistible. If we love to play, it is the ideal feline.

Munchkin cat: origin

In addition to being rather accidental, the origin of these extraordinary cats is also recent. They come from the United States, their funny appearance has already been mentioned since 1944, in the diary of a doctor who described "a black cat with short legs that lived for more than 11 years", but the official recognition of the breed is much more recent. And also success and popularity.

It is one thing to mention it in two lines, in fact, another thing is to start a selection and breeding program as happened in the eighties starting from two cats found on the street in the State of Louisiana, with evident very short legs. Crossing these progenitors and their descendants with common cats has achieved the standard we see today for Munchkin cat.

Munchkin cat: kittens

Its particularity of the Munchkin cat therefore, without any shadow of doubt, the legs are particularly short, to be precise, the front ones slightly shorter than the hind ones. As I have already mentioned when introducing this cat, it is a genetic character that arose spontaneously, not wanted but immediately appreciated. At least by a part of Americans who then decided to go ahead and make one 100% recognized breed.

There was no lack of controversy, but in the end the characteristic of Munchkin cat it has been "fixed" and today it is what makes special an uncommon breed, almost absent, in Italy. The size of this animal is medium, the head has a triangular shape and the muzzle is thin without being pointed because the skull tends to be slightly round.

The cheeks are well developed, the ears stick out not too evident, wide and very straight, two big eyes, walnut-shaped, also appear. As for the hair, the Munchkin cat it can be both semi-long and short-haired. In both versions, this breed boasts a silky coat, very pleasant to the touch. The standard admits all colors and designs.

Munchkin cat: character

Not at all embarrassed by the fact of having short legs and a consequently somewhat funny appearance, the Munchkin cat has a character sociable and lively. No complex touches it, on the contrary, it is an animal that likes to be with others in absolute spontaneity, loves to play and be with living beings of any kind, and even get along well with dogs and cats of other breeds. He will certainly get along well with us, with our family and with the neighbors. And if we point out that he has short legs, being agile anyway, he doesn't care.

Munchkin cat: breeding

Recognized in the United States, today this is the breed of Munchkin cat it is regularly bred not only at home but also in France. Only the crossing with common cats, with short and long hair, and which in any case do not belong to any other pure breed, is allowed.

In Italy today there are no ad hoc breeding for this cat, if we are madly in love with it we can try to look for it in nearby France and import it with the necessary practices. Sure, a bit boring, but then as a life partner, the Munchkin cat it does not need much care. Just let it we brush once a week and we clean his ears, even his nails should be checked regularly, also for the health of our sofas.

Munchkin cat: price

Always admitted to find a specimen of Munchkin cat to buy, the price should be around One thousand Euro. A figure that, if we buy the animal abroad, will increase with the transport and regularization of the animal on Italian soil.

Munchkin cat: game

As mentioned, the Munchkin cat is a playful. A perfect role that is well associated with his appearance already that makes you smile. However, you cannot make fun of him because he is so nice that you can't make it and then, knowing him, he is the first to have fun for the characteristic that makes him unique.

Despite his short legs, he is a very agile animal, therefore he wins at every game we offer him, being in addition also particularly intelligent, so much so that he wins challenges proposed by puzzle toys, so as not to be offended but play and take life with lightness and philosophy.

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