Rice with coconut: characteristics and properties

Rice with coconut: characteristics and properties

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Coconut rice, a very summery dish, which tastes exotic but also tasty and rich in important properties. Let's not be scared by the name that tells of gastronomic traditions far from ours, perhaps, because it is not a difficult dish to prepare, the Coconut rice.

Of course, it is easier to eat it than to prepare it, and I would like to see well, but if you cook it with your own hands, the taste changes and we can customize additional flavors and ingredients. Here are some examples to start from, on which to create your own Coconut rice.

Rice with coconut: what it is

The Coconut rice, or coconut milk rice, is a typical dish of Madagascar. This is not a first course, as Italians might get confused, thinking of Milanese risotto, or radicchio. The Coconut rice it's a great if not my favorite accompaniment to other foods, including the exotic.

It is found or placed side by side with other dishes, often typical of the same area, such as meat curry, fish and raw vegetables. Basically there are no vetoes or preferences on the type of rice to use and the other ingredients needed today are quite easily found. I'm talking about coconut milk and coconut flour, for example.

Rice with coconut milk: 100% vegan

The Coconut rice it is also vegan so we can happily offer it to a buffet or a dinner with many friends where someone brings a vegan surprise girlfriend without our knowledge. With the Coconut rice 100% vegan, nothing to fear. Let's take 500 g of rice, 200 ml of coconut milk, 50 g of coconut flour, salt and a glass of white rum, doses to be multiplied if there are many guests, to be halved if it is a romantic dinner.

Put the rice in the pot, we wait ten minutes and in the meantime put coconut milk and coconut flour in a bowl, letting them rest for a quarter of an hour. Let's boil the water in another pot and then add the rice and mixture of coconut milk and flour continuing to cook and stirring, always over moderate heat.

We taste and decide when the Coconut rice it is cooked as we wish. At this point we turn off and let it rest in the pot, drain and wait for it to cool and then pour it into bowls with the addition of rum, if you wish. And of coconut milk with rice.

Rice with coconut: recipe

Another recipe with Coconut rice is the one with a touch of lime, and the preparation is not that different, certainly not more complex. We take 4 onions cut into slices, 300 g of rice preferably basmati, 400 ml of coconut milk, half a liter of boiling water, salt, lime juice and garlic oil. Immediately with the latter, pass the sliced ​​onions into a saucepan and then pour in all the rice and mix well.

We add the boiling water with the coconut milk with rice, not forgetting to add salt and wait for it to boil. Cover with the lid, then let it simmer for about ten minutes: it is important that the liquid is absorbed so that it is a real coconut rice. Removed from the heat and mixed with a fork, our rice is ready for an addition of lime juice. It is therefore ready to be served but at room temperature, keep it out of the fridge, covered.

Rice with Thai coconut milk

Thai coconut rice is prepared with 320g of Thai rice and coconut milk, of course, but if we want to prepare a tasty dish, let's get 150g of fresh shrimp, ginger and onion, extra virgin olive oil, curry, turmeric and lime. Many ingredients but few difficulties for this too Thai coconut rice.

Blanch the rice in salted water, meanwhile fry the chopped onion with the oil, adding a little grated shrimp and fresh ginger. After browning the right, add coconut milk, curry and salt. When the ginger has become soft we can extract it and add the lime juice without exaggerating: a few drops are enough. Once the rice is cooked, we can flavor it with the sauce and finish cooking, only at the end a little turmeric.

Coconut rice cookies

The Coconut rice is also the protagonist of irresistible treats like these, which can be purchased online for € 5 and which, in a greedy sense, create addiction. Seeing is believing, and you don't need to detox in this case.

Provamel Rice Coconut drink based on organic rice

Rice with coconut also has its fluid version, thanks to this organic rice drink very tasty. In addition to being al 100% vegetable, is low in fat and has no added sugars. Having said that, reassured those who are on a diet or vegan, we can also confess that the Coconut rice, to drink, it is very refreshing and if you add it to pineapple juice it gives life to tropical cocktails interesting and classically summery. But they are also excellent in winter, waiting for the summer to come.

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