Home grown lavender plant

Home grown lavender plant

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Lavender plant in the house: how to grow the lavender plant in a pot, on the balcony of the house or on the terrace. The care to be given to the lavender for his cultivation at home.

Therelavenderit is a very versatile plant, it brings color and a good scent to the house. Grow a lavender plant indoors it is by no means a simple undertaking but nothing prevents you from trying it with all your good will. Lavender grown at home can be used for a potpourri, to perfume linen and to dry flowers.

Lavender is cultivated for its hermaphrodite, zygomorphic and tetrameric flowers (i.e. with four verticils: chalice, corolla, gynoecium and androecium). The corolla and the glass are 5 parts (pentamers) and its blooms are famous for their purplish color and intense aroma. In Italy, several spontaneous species grow with characteristic varieties, however for cultivation in pots and in domestic environments, the recommended variety is the French one.

For grow lavender indoors you need:

  • fertile soil
  • calcareous fertilizer
  • clean sand
  • vasco grande
  • windowsill or balcony placed in a sunny area

If you have calcareous water at home, choose a generic fertilizer ... the hardness of your tap water will raise the pH of the soil!

Lavender plant at home: how to proceed

When purchasing the lavender, choose a variety suitable for home growing. From the nursery you can choose English, Spanish or French lavender. French lavender is less aromatic but when it comes to cultivation in pots is the most suitable. The French lavender variety is recognized for its serrated leaves.

For cultivation, you can continue like this:

  • 1) Soil and pot
    Choose a soil suitable for growing lavender, you can also use a universal soil, as long as it is soft enough and mixed with calcareous fertilizer and sand to ensure good drainage. Choose a pot with a diameter suitable for the plant purchased. The lavender plant must be repotted immediately after purchase!
  • 2) Irrigation
    Lavender must have a lot of space available. Take a very large pot. Irrigate the lavender regularly, allowing the soil to dry out completely between one irrigation and the next. The French lavender variety has high water requirements, so in summer and spring pay attention to the soil and give water when it becomes dry to the touch.
  • 3) Ventilation
    One of the problems to face when yesgrow lavender indoorsconsists of the amount of air available to the plant. Lavender needs good air circulation, the balcony is the ideal place for the presence of a slight breeze.
  • 4) Exhibition
    Lavender must be placed in a ventilated and also sunny place: this plant loves light very much. If you keep it at home, place it near a large window where it can benefit from solar lighting.
  • 5) In winter
    In winter, place thelavender plantin a non-air-conditioned room (without radiators), in addition, if your home is very dry, place a saucer with gravel or expanded clay right under the lavender pot. Wet the clay or gravel when it is dry to ensure a minimum of humidity.

Pruning of lavender in pots

Any variety of lavender grown in pots needs pruning in order to keep the foliage balanced. During the month preceding flowering, you can prune the lavender by removing up to two thirds of the vegetation. The plant will remain a little bare for a few weeks but, in case of cultivation in pots, this operation is necessary for the health of the plant: as stated, lavender needs good ventilation and excessively dense vegetation would slow down the air circulation. giving rise to various diseases. At the end of September, your lavender will be compact, uniform and ready for a new flowering. There pruning lavender it must be performed leaving intact the old wood on which the new buds develop.

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