Decorate with dry leaves

Decorate with dry leaves

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Decorate with dry leaves: walls decorated with dry leaves, decoupage with leaves, DIY, creative recycling and decorations of various kinds.

For any leaf DIY, make sure you use leaves that are dry enough but not too stiff. Collect more leaves as many of them could break during the works. If the leaves break, nothing serious, you can use them in a DIY like the one shown in the photo above.

Decorate with dry leaves, decoupage

Decoupage with real leaves. The decoupage technique is very useful for anyone who wants decorate with dried leaves. For decoupage with dried leaves you will need: dried leaves, a tray or other supports to decorate, rice paper, vinyl glue, a water-based glazing agent to fix the work.

Tips: use the decoupage technique with dried leaves to decorate a tray or glass plate. The leaves placed on the back of the tray will decorate the bottom exploiting its transparency.

Start working on the back of the plate or glass tray.

1. Dilute the vinyl glue with a few drops of water.

2. Spread a layer of vinyl glue on the glass with the brush and glue the leaves.

3. Spread a second layer of vinyl glue also brushing it on the leaves.

4. Apply a rice paper leaves. Spread a third layer of glue. Wait for the entire job to dry.

5. Apply a layer of clear varnish or water-based vitrifying varnish to completely fix the work.

Decorate a candle with dry leaves

With some precautions, the dried leaves can be used to decorate wax candles. For this DIY you will need an ivory candle, opaque white wax, dry leaves, a wooden spoon and, if you like, some scented candle oil.

1. Melt the opaque wax in a water bath in a saucepan that you will no longer use for food. Melt the wax evenly. If you have taken some scented oil, this is the time to use it.

2. Dip the dried leaves one at a time in the opaque wax.

3. Make your leaves adhere to the surface of the white candle: the wax itself will act as glue and join the leaves to the candle. If the leaf is very large, wrap it with both hands until it is spread out and covers the circumference of the candle.

Decorate a wall with dry leaves

Not just vases, mirrors and glass, theDry leavesthey can give back a strong aesthetic impact when it comes to decorating columns and walls of the house. For this DIY, to recycle the dry leaves you will need:

  • vinyl glue
  • sheets of tissue paper
  • a row
  • a cutter or scissors
  • a flat-tipped brush
  • dried leaves
  • old sponge or rag

For a greater aesthetic impact we recommend choosing red maple leaves. The red maple leaves maintain a bright red color even after drying. Instructions on how to decorate a wall with dried red maple leaves await you just below the photo below.

How to get a wall papered and decorated with leaves?

1. Dilute a little bit of vinyl glue with water and apply it on the back of the dry leaf. To do this, help yourself with a flat-tipped brush.

2. Glue the leaf to the wall at regular intervals of your choice. To get a well-ordered geometric effect, help yourself with a ruler.

3. Cover each leaf with a piece of tissue paper.

4. Pass the brush, impregnated with glue and water, on the back of the tissue paper and gently dab the excess glue with the help of a sponge or an old rag.

5. Once dry, the tissue paper will blend in with the wall, leaving only the leaf visible.

Note, for greater transparency the tissue paper can be replaced with rice paper.

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