German Hound: characteristics and breeding

German Hound: characteristics and breeding

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German Hound, almost absent in our country but much loved in Germany although not as popular as other dogs. This animal has a slightly smaller size than the average of the hounds but it proves equally strong and of robust constitution.

His musculature is not flawed and so does his work on the field. It comes from Germany and in Germany it remains, for now, apart from some exceptions of specimen present in other states, as a breed it belongs to the group of bloodhounds and dogs for track and has very ancient origins so much so that, if it does not appear on the streets, it appears in many representations of hunting scenes.

Characteristics German Hound

The average height at the withers of German Hound is about 35 cm, for males, a number that confirms how this dog is a little smaller of his colleagues. However, observing his prowess, it is immediately clear that he does not suffer from inferiority complexes and actually would have no reason.

Solid and very muscular, the trunk of this breed is well proportioned, the neck is strong and erect, it holds the head which has a straight nasal cane and one marked stop. The skull is slightly rounded and ends with a dark colored nose, the standard does not admit that any signs of depigmentation appear.

The eyes are always dark and to strike is the gaze of the German Hound: confident, alive, intelligent. A hound you can trust. Hanging and well set back, the ears are long and wide, flat and covered with short hair while the tail shows a very thick hair, is set quite high and is long almost to the ground. It is often described as "brush tail ".

Gray German Hound

When we hear about Gray German Hound, we ran into a misunderstanding because the most frequent colors are red deer fawn, with or without black spots, and black and tan. It may happen that there are specimens with the coat of other colors, for example the standard also mentions the deer red clear and the black with little extensive tan markings.

The gray, as we will see, is a source of confusion with another relative race. When we caress a German Hound, we feel the hair straight, short and very dense but fluffy thanks to a dense undercoat.

German Hound and Weimaraner

Here we are to clarify the question of the gray German Hound which, most likely, will prove to be an example of another breed: the Weimaraner. It is a dog that most likely has blood ties with our hound, in particular it could be a descendant.

In turn the German Hound, said at home Deutsche Bracke, derives from the crossing of indigenous hounds of various types, which took place many centuries ago. There is no certain evidence on its origin but it is certainly very ancient.

German Hound: breeding

Today in Italy there are no farms of German Hound, at least not among those recognized by ENCI, to be on the safe side it is better to contact structures dedicated to this breed located in Germany. It is in fact in this land that, at the time, those who created it did so thinking of an animal that could give the best inhunting activity. He forged its character to make it so, in fact the nature of the German Hound it is one of the best for those looking for a working dog "Multitasking", also skilled in the mountains.

Today in the homeland this animal is bred and used above all for the research of game large wound but also for the hare hunting. His specialty seems to be there badger hunting, pI was. For those wishing to deepen their knowledge, at least theoretical, of hounds who, like this, know how to deal with hares and similar animals, here is an interesting reading, the book: "Training and use of the hound on hare”.

German Hound: Price

Not being bred in our country it is difficult to estimate the price of a specimen of German Hound that is valid in general, it is worthwhile to begin first to understand how to find one and "import it". Of course he deserves it, because he is a dog with an extremely character sweet, cheerful and friendly.

Having overcome the practical obstacles of obtaining and buying it, would fit in the family, even if we live in an apartment, without requiring special care, as often happens with hunting dogs like him who, if unmotivated aggressive, are considered "Non-standard".

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