Autumn and winter head lettuce

Autumn and winter head lettuce

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Autumn and winter head lettuce. Advice for sowing and planting of already developed seedlings. Cultivation and preparation of the tunnel greenhouse.

Therehead lettuceIn autumn and winter, cultivation begins in late summer and, to overcome early frosts, a tunnel greenhouse is needed. The tunnel greenhouse is indispensable both in the North of Italy and in the South.

Red or green head lettuce

Therecappuccino lettuce(in many places it is also called that!) it can be green-leaved or red and green-leaved, with bright shades. In both cases, the growing tips, as well as the tenderness of the leaves, do not change.

Autumn head lettuce, winter head lettuce and summer head lettuce

For autumn-winter cultivation, varieties such as winter head lettuce, autumn head lettuce (earlier than winter varieties),Winter wonder, Trocadero with black seed and Trocadero The favorite. Those who want to sow all year round can choose theWonder of the 4 seasons.

Head lettuce, cultivation period

To the north, thehead lettucewith autumn or winter harvest, it should be transplanted under tunnels from mid-September to mid-October. This way, you can harvest from the end of November to the end of December.

We do not recommend planting cap seedlings in the months of November and December because they are too cold.

In southern Italy you can transplant under tunnel greenhouse from early October to December. With this period of planting, the harvest will go from November to February.

Protect lettuce from cold and frosts

In Northern Italy, theautumn and winter head lettuceit must be protected from planting to harvest, not only with the tunnel greenhouse but also with a layer of non-woven fabric to be placed directly on the developing plants. Frosts severely damage thecapuchins, for this it is necessary to set up a robust greenhouse tunnel and not to neglect the veil of non-woven fabric.

In the South, thetunnel greenhouseit is only needed in the case of particularly cold winters or in inland areas that experience temperatures that drop below zero.

Therehead lettuce, like all other greenhouse crops, they must be periodically ventilated by removing the veil of fabric during the day and re-positioning it at dusk. For setting up a tunnel greenhouse, I invite you to read the articleDIY tunnel greenhouse.

Sowing of cappuccino lettuce

The transplanting of specimens provided with bread of earth is preferable to sowing. The seedlings are easily found on the market at nurseries.

In any case, those who prefer can produce their own seedlings with earthen bread starting fromsowing. Sow in cellular containers that must be kept in a bright place. At least 20 - 25 days will pass from sowing to final planting.

Those who have a small vegetable garden or are beginners, from sowing to planting can be helped by this little oneGermination KIT with potsfrom 67 pieces. The kit is offered by Amazon at the price of 17 euros and contains 10 jars, 40 individual pots, garden labels, stakes, manual planter, rake transplanter and other useful accessories for organizing the garden.

Planting of winter and autumn head lettuce

The planting (transplant) is done by hand. You can help yourself with a shovel or a transplanter to drill holes in the ground. To facilitate thecultivationwe advise you to mulch the ground by placing a black bioplastic sheet on which you will make the holes in correspondence of the planting of the plants.

Therehead lettuceit must be transplanted at a distance of 25 - 30 cm from each other. Mulching flower beds is not essential but, after trying it, you won't be able to do without it because it will free you from the burden of cleaning flower beds from weeds. In addition, especially in Northern Italy, it is a useful ally against frosts.

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