Volpino italiano rosso: characteristics, photos and breeding

Volpino italiano rosso: characteristics, photos and breeding

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Volpino Italiano red, less common than white but equally lively and irresistibly likeable as well as alert and courageous. I'm not saying this out of patriotic pride, because many experts from other countries also say it with me. This breed belongs to the group of dogs of spitz type and primitive type, is small, but not very small, so don't dream of carrying it around in your handbag. Which should not be done with any dog, beyond its size. Freedom as well as being priceless, it's not a question of size.

Volpino Italiano rosso: characteristics

His hair is extremely thick and quite long, red is particularly visible, his is in fact a light and bright reddish that is striking. Thick and with a vitreous texture, it remains raised creating a very scenographic “cloud” effect which makes the dog increase in size. The Volpino Italiano red there is also white, always uniform, then champagne is also allowed but the more rigorous do not appreciate this third color very much.

L'average height of the red Volpino Italiano and of 27/32 cm in males and of 25/30 in females, even if, being a recovering breed, it is easy to find subjects a few cm larger.

The indicative weight is 5 kg. The body is square but not massive, its length is equal to the height at the withers, the limbs are perfectly straight and parallel, with a well developed musculature.

The snout of the Volpino Italiano red is pointed, the nasal bridge continues straight up to the nose always black and never protruding, the tail is always curled on the back, of medium length.

Volpino Italiano rosso: photo

Although many of us will have already seen some around in real life, the Volpino Italiano red it is always nice to see in pictures.

The volpino italiano especially in the red color it had its maximum diffusion in southern Italy. It is originally from Puglia where it was used both to guard the farms with Corso dogs and to watch the goods of the farmers on the wagons. Hence the name of rascal dog.

Belisaria di Roccascura from the Luna Cremisi kennel

Belisaria di Roccascura from the Luna Cremisi kennel

Volpino Italiano rosso: character

Intelligent, very lively and pleasantly sociable Volpino Italiano red it is a pleasant pet to keep at home with or without a garden. In fact, in the apartment he knows how to behave and the modest dimensions help him, however we cannot avoid giving him many walks. He becomes very fond of people and adopts them by taking care of them in a very delicate way.

Volpino Italiano rosso: farms

There are very few breeding farms in Italy that deal with the Italian red fox and not being a fashionable breed or with particular economic interests behind it, there is an excellent climate of collaboration. L'"Roccascura" breeding is the reference point of the breed in the world and is located in the province of Varese. In the south we find the"dell’Antonazzo" breeding in Puglia e "Di casa Attardo" In Calabria. They also exist two amateur breeding "Ostuni dogs" always in Puglia e "Crimson Moon" in Emilia Romagna. Both the owners of the official and amateur farms belong to the association that in Italy is responsible for protecting the breed:

In the photo collage below you can admire "Belisaria di Roccascura", bred by Mr. Fabrizio Bonanno and owned by Mrs. Cinzia Vicini, owner of the Luna Cremisi breeding, awaiting FCI approval.

Mrs Cinzia Vicini with Belisaria di Roccascura

Volpino Italiano rosso: price

The price of a puppy's Volpino Italiano red it may be higher than the one with white fur because the bright color is less widespread, however these are not disproportionate figures. It is a dog that is worth a lot but that you can buy even if you are not a billionaire, knowing that his more recurring defects are the measures outside, the nasal bridge convex, the presence of red spots on a white background.

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