How to cut firewood

How to cut firewood

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How to cut firewood: advice on how to cut firewood intended for the stove, boiler or fireplace. Each power source provides its own cut of wood, with precise dimensions to maximize thermal efficiency and improve wood storage.

Please note! When performing work with thechainsawyou must pay close attention to the safety rules. For your safety it is better to wear special protections such as:

  • helmet with visor
  • headphones
  • cut resistant trousers
  • anti-cut boots
  • protective gloves
  • protective anti-cut jacket

For all the instructions on how to cut wood with the chainsaw, we invite you to read our guideHow to use the chainsaw.On this page we will give you precise instructions on thefirewood cutting to be used for the fireplace, stove or boiler.

How to cut firewood

Therewoodit is an inexpensive and easily available fuel in the countryside. To prepare thefirewoodwe have the possibility to cut it with a chainsaw or split it with special manual axes.

To save money, many people make thewoodstarting from the cutting of the standing plants by carrying out the phase of first processing the firewood inforest. With this first preparation, the wood is cut following an indicative measure of one meter. If you are also interested in the tree felling phase, we invite you to read our guideas a tree is cut down.

With this length, the wood is prepared, preliminarily, quickly, it is easy to transport and arrange. After the first cut in the wood, the wood must be placed in a sheltered, sunny and well-ventilated place so as to favor the loss of humidity.

When the wood has to "season"

Thecalorific valueof wood depends on its essence and its residual moisture: the drier it will be, the better it will burn by increasing the combustion yield, reducing harmful emissions and lowering the wear and tear of our heating appliances (boiler, wood stove or fireplace) .

To obtain “good” firewood, welldry with humidity below 18 - 20%, it should be left to dry outdoors, in a sheltered, sunny and well ventilated place, for at least two years.

Firewood cutting:the right size for your stove, fireplace or boiler

After the first processing in the woods, when the tree is cut into one meter long logs, the "final splitting of the logs" is performed. A one-meter-long piece of wood can be handled by a single person who, depending on the type of appliance he has (wood stove, fireplace or wood boiler) will proceed with a further de-splitting.

  • For the wood boiler, the pieces must have a length of 50 - 55 cm.
  • Anyone who wants firewood for fireplace and fireplace will have to make cuts in order to obtain pieces of wood of 33 - 36 cm.
  • For wood stoves, the cuts will have to return pieces of wood 25 - 27 cm long.
  • For the wood stove, the same dimensions are respected as for the wood stove.

How to cut wood:chainsaw or ax

The use of a manual ax would be too expensive (in terms of time invested) for cutting firewood. To cut the wood it is recommended to use a small chainsaw. The ideal chainsaw should weigh between 4 and 5 kg, electric or with a petrol engine.

When buying a chainsaw with a small combustion engine, take a look at the decibels: they also have a noise level of 92 db, a tolerable noise level. The electric chainsaw completely eliminates noise emissions, useful if you live in a residential neighborhood or an area subject to noise limits. For every information:electric chainsaw, when it's convenient.

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