Variety of edible pumpkins

Variety of edible pumpkins

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Variety of edible pumpkins: from the classic Chioggia pumpkin to the more curious spaghetti pumpkin. Ancient and modern varieties, more or less sweet. All the information on pumpkin to grow in the garden and to bring to the table.

Therepumpkinit is not unique, in reality there are several species and many more numerousvariety. Thepumpkinsthey differ from each other in color, shape and flavor. The color can be different both of the pulp and of the peel.

There are very sweet pumpkins, with a nutty flavor, with shades of chestnut or even artichoke. On this page we offer severalvariety, from the oldest ones of the Italian tradition to the most modern ones from America, China or Japan. Remember that thepumpkinnothing is thrown away, not the seeds or the peel! For information:how to recycle pumpkin peel

Miniature Pumpkin: Baby boo pumpkin

Therebaby pumpkinreaches a weight between 100 and 200 grams. It can be grown in a small space, even on the terrace or balcony. This pumpkin has a delicious flavor but has a very low yield: excluding the skins and seeds, there is little pulp left to eat.

Butternut squash, sweet squash

It has a tender and velvety pulp like butter. It is a very sweet variety, indeed, as sweet as walnut. It is from these two statements that its name derivesbutternut squash or butternut. It is an English variety selected in 1940. Due to its sweetness, it is particularly suitable for preparing soups, croissants and tarts with pumpkin jam.

Kuri Kabocha squash or hokkaido squash

It's a ancient pumpkinoriginally from the island of Hokkaido. Actually, the botanical name is Cucurbita maxima and it is not a single variety but a group of varieties very similar to each other and originating in Japan.

Because of their taste, these pumpkins have been renamed in FrancePotimarron which means "half chestnut". It looks like a giant pear: it reaches a weight between 1 and 3 kg.

Chioggia sea squash

Anyone looking for avariety of ancient pumpkinyou can choose that of Chioggia, grown in the Venetian gardens since time immemorial. This pumpkin was described for the first time already in the seventeenth century but also previously known with the name of baruffa or abrucca pumpkin. The pumpkin of Chioggia, unlike those seen up to now (smaller), easily exceeds 10 kg in weight.

Patissone pumpkin

It's apumpkinvery ancient also calledSpanish artichoke or priest's artichoke.Due to its shape, it takes the name of "imperial crown", in fact it is unusually flattened. It reaches a weight ranging from 200 to 2 kg. Its flavor vaguely recalls that of the artichoke.

Spaghetti squash

Therespaghetti squashis originally from Manchuria (China). It weighs between 2 and 4 kg and has the particularity that, once cooked, it falls apart: the pulp forms long strands that resemble spaghetti.

Pumpkin table Queen

It is originally from the United States where it is nicknamedacorn squash, i.e. acorn squash. The nickname is due to the shape of the pumpkin that vaguely resembles that of oak acorns. The Table Queen pumpkin is also basically sweet and its flavor is reminiscent of walnuts. The weight fluctuates between 500 and 800 grams. It's about aancient varietybecause cultivated since the Arikara, an Indian tribe that once occupied the territory of North and South Dakota. The peculiarity of the pulp of this pumpkin is that it is unusually dry, compact and with a sweet taste.

Trumpet squash from Albenga

The Trombetta d’Albenga pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata), as the name suggests, is a typical Italian variety from Albenga, in the province of Savona. It is widespread in Southern Italy and in the Center, on the contrary, it is very popular in Liguria, Piedmont and in various locations on the French Riviera (France). The shape of this pumpkin is elongated and vaguely resembles a trumpet. It can easily exceed one meter in length with a weight that reaches 4 kg.

White pumpkin

White pumpkin is an invaluable source of vitamins and minerals. It has a sweet pulp with a very delicate texture.

The already developed white squash seedlings are not easily found in agricultural consortia, you can try to start cultivation from the seed. On Amazon a sachet of white pumpkin seeds can be bought with 7.56 euros and shipping costs included in the price. For all the information we refer to the official Amazon page: white pumpkin seeds.

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