Herpes Zoster, natural remedies

Herpes Zoster, natural remedies

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Herpes zoster, natural remedies and info: is it contagious, how to treat it and what are the symptoms. All information on the treatment of Sant'Antonio's fire.

When we talk aboutherpes, we generally refer toherpes simplex or cold sores, however there is another type ofherpesa little less common but more difficult to combat: it is herpes zoster.

Herpes zoster, what is it

L'shingles, commonly known asfire of saint Anthonyor flames of Satan, is a viral disease affecting the skin and nerve endings. It is caused by the same virus as childhood chickenpox,varicella zoster virus.

The disease is characterized by painful skin rashes with the presence of blisters. Generally, theshinglesit is located in a well-defined area of ​​the body that forms a sort of stripe. It is precisely for these characteristics that theshinglesit's called that. These two words are derived from the Greek and meansnake and belt, the name itself describes how a serpent of fire can lurk in our body and create painful streaks.

The treatment ofshinglesconsists in the administration of antiviral drugs that can reduce the severity and duration.

How do you get shingles?

As stated, this disease is caused by the same childhood chickenpox virus. The chickenpox virus remains latent in the spinal ganglia after contracting the disease in childhood. As adults, when the body undergoes a weakening of its immune defenses, the herpes zoster virus can manifest its presence in different forms, one of these is precisely thefire of saint Anthonywith vesicular bursts often on the chest and back.

Is shingles contagious?
Yes, St. Anthony's fire is contagious.

Herpes zoster symptoms

The symptoms of herpes zoster have already been listed in the previous paragraphs. From sharp burning to pain. L'shinglesit manifests itself as onevesicular dermatitisand often the symptoms are localized on the chest and / or back or other strips of skin.

The firstsymptomof this disease is a tingling. In the initial phase, in fact, before the appearance of thesymptomsmore evident, you may feel the sensation of a sort of tingling in the chest or other affected area.

As the virus manifests itself, the tingling disappears and symptoms such as rash very similar to those of chickenpox appear. These rashes form blisters that contain serum.

This serum could very easily cause ainfection. Herpes zoster is contagious but that does not mean that I have to put the affected person in isolation! It is simply better not to exchange clothes or share the same towels.

One of the typical symptoms of the disease is acute pain that is felt in the entire area affected by the blisters.

Herpes zoster, natural remedies

In addition to seeing a doctor, to further relieve the symptoms of herpes zoster, it is possible to take advantage of natural antivirals. Betweennatural remedies for shingleswe point out the two most effective.

Hypericum oil

Hypericum oil has always been considered a natural healing agent. It is characterized by a ruby ​​red color and can counteract the symptoms ofshingles. The active ingredients contained in St. John's wort oil are highly antiviral and can act by counteracting the spread of the chickenpox virus.

The active ingredient responsible for its properties is hypericin, a substance capable of accelerating the tissue regeneration process. St. John's wort oil infusion, also known as St. John's Oil, is popular for moisturizing, nourishing and toning the skin.

Lemon balm oil

Another natural remedy useful for fighting the herpes virus is lemon balm. According to some studies, lemon balm leaves could exert a cytopathic action against viruses of the herpes family, including herpes zoster. The beneficial effect is obtained with concentrations of at least 0.5 mg.

If you were looking for natural remedies for herpes simplex, that is cold sores (or genital herpes), you can find several useful tips on the page entitled "herpes, natural remedies to combat it“.

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