How to replace the resistance of the water heater

How to replace the resistance of the water heater

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How to replace the resistance of the water heater: instructions forempty the electric water heaterand replace the resistance.

Theelectric water heaterwith the production of domestic hot water, it strongly affects the “electricity bill”. A good maintenance will not only allow us to save on any repairs, it will give us the opportunity to save energy on a daily basis by lowering the costs of the electricity bill.

Electric water heater: resistance, limestone and consumption

Among the works ofmaintenance of the electric water heaterthere is the cleaning of the resistance. Thereresistance of the water heater, especially in places where water hardness is high, it is subject to frequent failures.

Excessively hard water (rich in limestone) passes around the water several times to warm upelectrical resistance of the water heater. While on the one hand the resistance burns energy to heat the water, on the other hand the water deposits limescale right on the resistance, lowering its efficiency.

A resistance rich in limestone will need much more energy to heat the water with a strong increase in consumption.

To solve this problem in a definitive way, it is not enoughreplace the resistance: if your water is rich in limestone, sooner or later the problem will recur.

Who wants a definitive solution able to safeguard the life of theelectric water heaterand lower consumption, will have to purchase a softener.

How to replace the resistance of the water heater

The first thing to do is to interrupt the passage of current by intervening on the electrical panel: disconnect the general meter.

Cut off the power supply of the water heater a few hours before the surgery in order to docool downthe water present inside theboiler.

Close the water tap that feeds the water heater. If you have problems locating it, consult the appliance user manual or, in desperation, unplug "the land key of the water", that is the main water switch located near the water meter.

For this intervention bydo-it-yourselfyou will need a ladder to access the water heater, screwdrivers compatible with your model of boiler and a socket wrench for the resistance of the water heater. To work in greater safety, get help from a friend or relative.

How to empty the water heater

In order to provide for thereplacement of the resistanceyou will needto emptythe tank completely. To empty the water heater, directly disassemble the hose and the relative safety valve of the cold water inlet circuit (the one with the arrow pointing towards the appliance). Once you disassemble this hose, a waterfall will fall, so equip yourself with a large bin. A basin is not enough! Who has itelectric water heaterclose to a shower tray or bathtub it can go quiet.

How to disassemble the thermostat

Remove the protective plastic cover (usually secured with a tongue and screws) so that you can remove the thermostat bulb from its housing.

Disconnect the wires from the terminals and remove the thermostat which is extracted by pulling with a pinch of force applied on the dark box to which the wires were connected and on which the brass rod inserted in the resistance is fixed.

How to disassemble the resistance

Using the appropriate socket wrench, remove the water heater resistance. Due to the limestone, you will be forced to use a lot of force! Also at this stage, use a basin to collect the last remaining water and the pieces of limestone that will fall.

Clean the resistance before replacing

Sometimes theresistance does not workjust because it is excessively dirty. In this case, before thereplacementwith a new resistor, you can try to reassemble the old resistor after cleaning it.

For cleaning, you can immerse the heating element in a pot containing hot white wine vinegar. Leave the resistance to soak for several hours and then brush it gently.

Replacement of the water heater resistance

Those who do not want to try their hand at do-it-yourself cleaning can replace the water heater resistance by purchasing a new one. In fact thecost of the resistance of the electric water heaterit is very contained. On Amazon you can find models at prices ranging from 10 to 20 euros with free shipping costs.

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