Neti Lota, instructions for use and advice

Neti Lota, instructions for use and advice

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Neti lota: what it is, where to find it and instructions for use. All the information to do the nasal wash, benefits and useful tips.

Is calledJala Neti(nasal wash or irrigation) and is a yogic technique to eliminate, in a short time, impurities, bacteria and germs, accumulated in the respiratory tract. Thenasal washit is described as a useful means of cleansing the airways and also as a natural aid to counteract colds, rhinitis, sinusitis, neuralgia, headaches, allergies and nasal congestions.

Neti Lota, what is it

Practicejala neti(which is part of the ShatKarma of the yoga culture) consists in letting liquid into a nostril by means of a special container, this container is known aslotaorneti lota.

With the nasal wash or irrigation, a hydromineral solution is introduced into a nostril using a particular container called preciselyneti lota; when thenasal irrigationthey are well done, the liquid enters from one nostril and comes out at the same time from the other, generating a continuous flow of water that gently dissolves the mucus and cleanses the respiratory tract.

Nasal washing or irrigation, beneficial with hypertonic or isotonic saline

L'nasal irrigation with isotonic saline solution it can be performed on a daily basis: the passage of the liquid would remove mucus, contaminants and allergens from the nasal cavity. It is a good daily hygiene practice, excellent for the prevention of congestion and allergies.

For the hypotonic washes you can use water in which you dissolve a little sea salt. It is recommended to add 9 grams of salt for each liter of water, in this way you will obtain a 0.9% saline solution which is defined as isotonic, as it has a salt concentration corresponding to that of the blood and does not exert any osmotic effect.

With nasal washing they can also be used hypertonic solutions. The hypertonic saline solution naturally causes a secretion of water by osmosis recalling the excess liquids from the nasal mucosa, in this way, the hypertonic solution dilutes the viscous mucus accumulated on the mucosa; the mucus becomes less dense, more fluid and thus it will be easier to expel. In addition, the hypertonic saline normalize the edematous cells.

The use of a hypertonic saline solution should be dedicated to a limited time: in case of colds, sore throat, cough, congested nose ... You can wash with hypertonic solutions even just for prevention purposes but in this case it is better not to push yourself beyond 10 days of treatment.

How to use neti lota, instructions for use

The first few times you will have to be careful not to let the water stagnate in the nasal or auditory canals, or not to let the water end up in the lungs. The use of the Neti Lota is only recommended for adults.

After irrigation, you will need to blow your nose gently. During the'use of the neti lotait may be normal to feel a little burning due to the salinity of the solution.

Always ask your doctor for advice if you have any specific otolaryngological pathology.

How to use the Neti Lota

The Lota should be filled with a warm solution at about 27 degrees, but for the first time, it is better to do the irrigations with a barely warm saline solution.

Standing in an upright position, take the container with the right hand and insert the spout into the right nostril.

Proceed with mouth breathing only, slowly bend your back forward and turn your head to the left. Tilt your head while looking up at the ceiling.

The water will flow through the right nostril, penetrating into the nasal cavities, involving by falling and filling the paranasal sinuses.

After the first wash, you bring your head forward and blow your nose gently. When blowing your nose, you must be careful not to pinch the nostrils so as not to let the water flow back towards the auditory ducts.

Finally, do the same with the opposite nostril.

Neti Lota, where to find it

If you are wondering where to buy theneti lotathe possibilities are varied. You can find it in yogic centers, in the most gifted herbalists or with online purchases. On Amazon, an excellent neti pot is priced at around 18 euros with free shipping.

Neti Lota for nasal irrigation
Price: 18.07 on Amazon with free shipping.

Video: Jal Neti A to Z Practice, Benefits u0026 Its Precautions by Yogi Nityanandam Shree (July 2022).


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