Potted eggplant, the guide

Potted eggplant, the guide

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Grow the eggplant in pots: guide to the cultivation of aubergines in pots. When to harvest the aubergines and the care to be given to the developing plants.

Grow the eggplant in potsit is possible: eggplant plants can be both decorative (ornamental) is productive (they can give you a good harvest).

Variety of eggplant

For thecultivation of eggplant in potsyou chooselong-cycle varietywhich reach high dimensions. It may seem counterintuitive for growing in pots, however, long-cycle varieties, even if they develop lush vegetation and take up more space, can give you different crops because they will remain alive and productive until the beginning of autumn.

When you go to the nursery to buy eggplant seedlings or seeds, it will ask you for the type of variety you want. Existwhite, blue eggplant, round, long, large or small. Small aubergines are more suitable for preserves (to be made in oil or vinegar) but we do not recommend growing them in pots.

Among the varieties ofdull eggplantwe point out theVioletta of Florencewhich produces large fruits with compact pulp and light purple color. While among the more classic long-cycle varieties we point out the aubergineSicilian, with the traditional elongated and straight fruits. The Sicilian aubergine is about 20 cm long, very dark in color and lends itself well to frying or to all recipes that require regular sizes.

Grow aubergines in pots

The instructions onhow to grow eggplant in pots.

Pot size for growing eggplant

The most suitable container forcultivation of eggplant in potsit has a square base and dimensions of 40 x 40 cm, a 30 x 30 cm vase would also be fine but you would risk limiting the development of vegetation and therefore production. The square-section pot of this size can accommodate only one eggplant plant.

If you prefer, you can take a round pot with a diameter of 60 cm, in this you can plant two aubergine plants placed at a distance of 30 cm from each other.

Whether you choose a round pot or a square pot, the depth must always be greater than 30 cm, ideally it should be 40 cm so as to allow regular development of the root system and allow the drainage of water irrigation.

Preparing the pot for growing aubergines on the balcony

There cultivation in pots it is practical and accessible to everyone, even those who don't have a garden! It allows you to grow vegetables and greens indoors, on the balcony or terrace.

At the bottom of the pot place a drainage layer given by 4 cm of sand or gravel. On the layer of gravel place a sheet of non-woven fabric that will act as a separation with the soil above.

The most suitable soil is prepared by mixing, in equal parts, universal soil with coarse-grained sand. Add, from the first planting, some slow release fertilizer for garden plants.

Among the various market proposals I recommend the use of nitrogen-based fertilizer in sticks (slow release). On Amazon, this fertilizer is offered at a price of 4.66 euros with free shipping costs. I use it not only for eggplants but for most green plants. For all information, I refer you to the product sheet:slow release fertilizer in sticks.

How to care for potted eggplants: when to water

The growth of the plant must be supported by periodic irrigation: the more the plant develops, the more it will need water. Increase the quantity and frequency of irrigation as the plant grows larger.

To have strong and productive plants, always keep the soil cool: in summer, plants exposed to the sun must be watered every evening.

Tutors and supports

If the plant is very productive, the weight of the fruit will tend to knock it down… do not worry! At this point of the cultivation you can add Y-shaped supports (fork branches) to be fixed in the soil of the pot.

When to harvest eggplant

If theaubergineit is not harvested in time, in a short time it will become bitter and full of seeds. Theeggplantthey are collected when the skins are turgid, colored and shiny. They have an elastic and non-spongy consistency (when the aubergine is spongy it is now too old). Inside, the pulp should not have developed seeds.

If you want to grow eggplant from seed, here are a few: how to sow eggplant.

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