Headache and diet

Headache and diet

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Headache and diet, they are not always connected but it is true that a correct and balanced diet can help relieve symptoms. There are actually foods that can create conditions that make headaches more likely. It is not a question of taste or taste: some substances of food origin favor migraine attacks or aggravate the symptoms. This does not mean that they should be eliminated from the diet but consumed in moderation and not when we already have a sore head or are particularly stressed.

Headache and diet: what to eat

Observing the links between Headache and diet, foods that do very well come to light. Believe it or not, since they are also healthy foods, it is worth consuming them anyway. In summer, we fill up on watermelon to avoid the risk of being dehydrated, which could give us a headache.

For the same reason, foods rich in water are usually recommended when it comes to headaches and diet although there are some exceptions that we will later get to know.

Corn, beans, potatoes and tomatoes they are ingredients that must often be present in a diet against migraines and almonds too, they are, because they are important sources of magnesium as well as dried apricots, avocado, brown rice and legumes. Magnesium is also found in spinach which also lower blood pressure while bananas are precious for their high content of vitamin B6, also excellent as an anti-depressant.

To start the day well, preventing strange effects in between Headache and diet, it is better to add flax seeds to breakfast cereals. At dinner, we look for tasty recipes to flavor with ginger or chilli, both of which have an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.

Headache and diet: what to avoid

Before sharing the blacklist for Headache and diet, it must be reiterated that these are not foods to be eliminated, given that they have their raison d'etre and their beneficial effects. It is only a question of awareness, knowing that fseasoned or fermented ormaggi, chocolate, citrus fruits they can increase migraine symptoms. The same goes for cured, canned, preserved or processed meats or monosodium glutamate.

Of course, aspartame is not among the recommended foods, and not just for Headache and diet, and it is better to limit nitrites and sulphites as well. If we have a headache attack maybe it is not the right time to eat fatty foods and fries, herring and seafood, but as soon as the peak passes we can safely enjoy a dish, if we love them.

Headache and diet: what to drink

It is necessary to drink lots, lots of water and lots of infusions, of your choice. If we are trying to understand the links between Headache and diet, we will realize that a high consumption of caffeine is not recommended so we limit the cups of coffee and soft drinks that contain it. Even alcohol is certainly not recommended if we have it head pains, the most enemies of our head are red wine and beer but it varies a lot from person to person.

To try to outline eating habits and a lifestyle that limits i moments of headache, It is important to note, in addition to the foods consumed, also the meal times and their repercussions on the disorder. Even with a perfect menu, stress and fasting can cause pain, such as also dehydration, caloric deprivation, exposure to light sources, atmospheric changes.

It is then clear that if we make one intense physical exertion to which we are not used, the headache appears and the diet has nothing to do with it. Similarly a irregular or poor sleep.

Headache and diet: recipes

Recommended dishes speaking of Headache and diet they are simple. In substance and also in terms of preparation. Otherwise, the pain of cooking them would increase. Let's start with a potato side dish, with peel, cooked in foil or baked potatoes: they are rich in potassium. And we can also prepare one hearty soup further enriched by sesame seeds, rich in vitamin E, and various legumes.

Headache and Diet: Books

Reading "Eat healthy as it passes you. Nutrition and headache. Myths, science and news“We will finally know what is just legend or rumor and what is truth when it comes to headaches and diet. Also in order not to make unnecessary sacrifices.

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