How to use the hair straightener

How to use the hair straightener

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How to use the hair straightener: some useful tips and tricks to always have strong and healthy hair even with frequent use of the straightener.

Frequent use of the straightener can compromise the health of our hair. Since it is a tool that we cannot do, we advise you to follow some tips on how to pass the straightener on the hair.

How to use the hair straightener

Obviously you have to keep in mind that these tools, which radiate heat directly on the hair, tend to damage it. For this reason, the instructions we will give you apply to both the hairdryer and the straightener.

Choose the plate that best suits your needs

Today there are many plates on the market and, when the time comes to choose one, we almost always do it based on our economic possibilities. However, we should take these details into consideration, before buying the cheapest:

If you have short hair, choose a small straightener. In this way, you will handle it more easily.

Choose a plate that has a ceramic, tourmaline or titanium coating. This is the best starting point for taking care of your hair. Once you have chosen one of these materials, you can opt for one of excellent quality or medium quality.

The best, and with an affordable price, are the ceramic ones. The hair glides better and the heat radiates on the hair optimally and without damaging it. The temperature must go from 75 C ° to 240 C ° but, despite this, the most suitable temperature is 190 C °.
If you are used to doing waves or curls, you can choose a model that allows this interesting option.

Always iron your hair when it is dry

Never use the straightener with wet hair, as it can burn. What you do frequently is dry them with a hairdryer and then use the straightener.

Consider that they are two tools that spread intense heat and that, over a long time, can damage your hair. The best thing to do would be to let the hair dry in the air and then use the straightener. Remember to always use the straightener with dry hair: it is the safest solution!

Treatments to protect the hair

One of the best ways to take care of your hair, if you use the straightener regularly, is to apply a good heat protector to it.

There is a wide range of products that protect the hair from heat. You only have to choose the one that is closest to your needs: facilitate styling, protect from the sun, etc.
Heat protectors are applied to wet hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to stretch the product well and let it dry well. You can use heat protectors every day by applying a mask once a week.
If you use the straightener often, always remember to apply moisturizing hair creams.

Detangle your hair and part it

It is common to get up in the morning and use the straightener as if it were a comb. It's fast and allows us to get the hairstyle we want. It is actually not the best solution. If you want to take care of your hair, keeping it beautiful and healthy, it is important to dedicate time to it.

Comb your hair well because, if there are knots, they will burn and you will not achieve the desired result. Divide the hair into not very large locks to facilitate straightening.

Always remember not to leave the plate on the same strand for too long, otherwise it will burn. If you have not obtained the desired result, withdraw it and pass it again when the lock is cold

Do not use the straightener every day

Undoubtedly it is beautiful when you see your hair straight and always in order. However, if they are not naturally like this or if you mistreat a curly or wavy hair every day, the consequences will be noticed.

Let your hair rest for at least one or two days. This way, they will come back stronger and healthier. In case you make heavy use of the straightener, don't forget to use treatments such as protective or moisturizing creams.

To take care of your hair, it is important to use a good hair treatment and a good straightener, always cleaning the plates.

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