Monte Barro Park: in February you decide the price

Monte Barro Park: in February you decide the price

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The PMonte Barro arch it is located in the Lombard Prealps and surrounded by Lake Como, Lake Garlate and Lake Annone, and is considered one of the most important European areas.

The Monte Barro Park is a protected natural area since 2002 which has an area of ​​665 hectares and an average altitude of 922 meters above the sea level. It is an isolated mountain with a high floristic and fauna richness, such as to represent an important center of environmental and natural biodiversity. For this it is also protected by the Autochthonous Flora Center of the Lombardy Region.

Who is to travel the 44 km of trails of Monte Barro, in fact, he cannot help but come across sounds, natural scents and spectacular landscapes - especially at sunset - that offer the opportunity to experience moments of tranquility and relaxation.

And for lovers of trekking there is certainly no shortage of exciting itineraries of variable length and travel time, in connection with the natural, historical and artistic peculiarities of the Park. Among these stands out the Archaeological Museum of Barro (MAB), the large panoramic terrace, the remains of the settlement from the Gothic period (V-VI century AD) in the Piani di Barra excavated from 1986 to 1997 and the Camporeso cliff with its approximately 150 equipped routes.

Parco Monte Barro Hostel: where it is located

The Monte Barro Park Hostel (official site, handled by Legambiente Lecco since 2013, it is located in Galbiate in the heart of the Monte Barro Regional Park at the Eremo del Monte. Thanks to its central location, at an altitude of 750m above sea level, you can enjoy an exciting view of the Briantei lakes and take advantage of the proximity to the areas of natural, historical and cultural interest that make the Hermitage a reference point for eco-sustainable holidays with low water and energy consumption.

The interior of the hostel is furnished with recycled materials and consists of two sections:

  • The Orchidea section which includes rooms with 2, 3 or 4 beds with bathroom, free wi-fi and a private balcony.
  • The Squirrel section with 2 or 3-seater rooms with free wi-fi and a private balcony, but with shared bathroom and showers. The latter also offers the possibility to prepare meals independently thanks to the presence of a kitchen with dining room.

There is also a 99-seat auditorium and a meeting room. Both are equipped to organize meetings on green issues or training events for larger groups. At the Eco-Hostel There is also a partner restaurant where it is possible to taste the local gastronomic specialties.

Throughout the month of February at the Monte Barro Park Hostel each customer can decide at the end of their stay the price they intend to pay. The latter varies from 80% of the standard cost up to 120%. The only "rule" required, to ensure honesty and participation in the proposal, is to always give reasons for your choice.

Monte Barro Park Hostel: Pay what you want

The initiative called "Pay what you want - Pay what you want" it is part of Legambiente's growing commitment to sustainability issues linked to the production of ethical values, such as eco-sustainability and civil liability. The intent of the campaign is, in fact, precisely to rethink a new way of doing economy that is increasingly oriented towards sharing eco-sustainable actions. These are the words of Alessio Dossi, President of Legambiente Lecco: “We want to make economic exchange not just a transfer of money but a shared moment of community building”.

The proceeds from the project will then be used for territorial promotion of the campaign People4Soil-Save the soil also promoted by Legambiente and other 400 European organizations, whose intent is to collect one million signatures to ask the European Commission for specific rules to protect the soil.

The Monte Barro Park Hostel it is also recognized as tourism structure of sustainability by the Italian Network "Tourism Beauty Nature", thanks to the numerous campaigns of protection, awareness and environmental sustainability, as it wants to be "Pay what you want ", incurred within the services offered by Legambiente.

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