Herbs for anxiety

Herbs for anxiety

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Herbs against anxiety, depression, sadness, headaches and stress. Many natural remedies to cure the most common ailments.

Thehealing herbsthey can be very useful for alleviating various ailments. On this page we will see how to treat anxiety with herbal remedies and many tips to relieve stress, headaches, depression, sadness, insomnia and other symptoms related to anxiety.

The healing herbs can be useful for relieve anxiety but they won't solve your problem. To overcome anxiety, depression and insomnia, it is essential to rely on an expert psychotherapist to be guided along a path ofself-awareness.

Herbs against anxiety

TherePassionflowerit is a common plant in Italian gardens and is strongly recommended to calm states of agitation, insomnia, melancholy and anxiety. We advise you to consume an infusion before going to bed: its mildly sedative properties promote sleep and give tranquility.

Passiflora uses the aerial parts of the plant, the tops of leaves and flowers that are dried in a short time. If you do not have plants in the garden, you can buy dried passionflower by taking advantage of the online purchase or by going to a well-stocked shop.

Passionflower combines well with othershealing herbs. To improve sleep, you can prepare an infusion of passionflower and chamomile, while to calm anxiety states in a natural way, you can prepare an infusion based on passionflower and lemon balm.

Lemon balm has an effectsoothing, it helps to fight anxiety and relieve nervousness. Also useful in case of stress.

Don't forget that, among theherbsthe very common chamomile is also included in the serenity. Roman chamomile (Anthemis nobilisorChamaemelum nobile) flower heads collected in summer and left to dry in the shade are used. Chamomile supports the effect of passion flower by counteracting agitation and insomnia.

Other natural remedies for anxiety

In aromatherapy, petitgrain essential oil is widely used to calm anxiety. The very fragrant Petitgrain essential oil is famous in aromatherapy for its rebalancing action, useful for relaxing and counteracting insomnia and anxiety.

Equally fragrant is the essential oil of Cananga odorata, better known asYlang Ylang essential oil, used as an ingredient in famous perfumes such asChanel no. 5. Among the most common uses of this essential oil, we see it spread in warm and lukewarm environments to alleviate psyche disorders such as anxiety, nervousness, irritability and insomnia.

Those unfamiliar with aromatherapy can use essential oils to prepare a relaxing bath.

Essential oils can help improve mood and relieve anxiety, both if they are released in the home or if they are added to bath water, perhaps diluted with a handful of coarse salt. If anxiety is also linked to muscle tension, neck pain and cervical headaches, essential oils can be diluted with a handful of epsom salts in the bath water.

Herbs against depression

Hypericum grows spontaneously in rather dry soils. It is recognized for its yellow flowers which, if collected in summer and dried, are suitable asnatural remedyversusdepressionand moodiness.

Also in this case we recommend using the natural plant, infusing 2 grams of flowering and dried tops for every 100 ml of boiling water.

Also in this case you can turn to a well-stocked shop or to buy and sell online. On Amazon there are packs of 100 grams, useful for preparing 25 cups of infusion.

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