Wifi video surveillance cameras

Wifi video surveillance cameras

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The wifi video surveillance cameras they are used both professionally and in the home, especially to ensure monitoring and therefore greater safety of open spaces, offices or private homes.

In this article I will introduce you to the features of one wifi video surveillance camera suitable for monitoring one or more rooms in an office or private home.

My review, as always, is based on a real test, carried out personally on a product purchased online.

In this case, the product I chose for this test is the YI Dome IP Video Surveillance Camera currently on sale on at a price of 89.99 euros.

Wifi video surveillance cameras: functionality

The wifi video surveillance cameras like the YI Dome I tested, they allow you to constantly monitor an environment remotely using the wifi connection that must be available in the place where they are installed (in my case a normal Vodafone fiber connection with wifi modem) and by installing a Dedicated app downloadable for free from Google Play Store or App Store.

Once the configuration is complete, from the screen of your smartphone you can see the images taken by the camera in real time and you can set an automatic notification that you will receive if the YI Dome camera detects movement in your apartment via the motion sensor.

At this point you can take one HD photos or record a video in HD with a simple click from your smartphone.

Here is an example of a photo taken by the YI Dome camera in my living room:

Very useful is the possibility of adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor in order to avoid "false alarms" following movements of small objects, for example, the house cat! :-)

The YI Dome video surveillance camera is also equipped with a speaker and a microphone so you can hear the sounds detected in your apartment live and even start a conversation with those in your home.

The YI Dome camera is “not afraid of the dark” thanks to infrared sensor from 940 nm that allows you to shoot good videos and take great photos even in the absence of light.

Here is a shot of my living room in total absence of light:

Also through the app you can rotate the camera manually or you can define a constant automated movement.

The camera lens it's a 112 ° panoramic wide angle with 2.6mm lens (focal length).

A feature of 4x zoom.

Cry monitoring functionality

There wifi camera YI Dome also has a feature dedicated to detecting the crying of a baby capable of triggering the sending of an automatic alert message.

The camera LEDs that are activated in the absence of light are discreet and do not have an intensity that could disturb the baby's sleep.

Camera recording media

The camera allows you to store photos and videos both on the smartphone (useful in the event that a possible "thief" steals the camera) and on a micro SDcard up to 32 GB. In my opinion, the ideal is to set the camera to save photos and videos on both media.

Wifi video surveillance cameras: functionality

even taking a video

it will seem obvious to say,

a precious tool to improve the safety of our homes and a precious help for mothers who need to keep their baby under control.

YI Dome wifi surveillance camera: unboxing

I received the YI Dome camera punctually packaged in a compact box which has the following contents:

  • YI Dome 1080p Camera
  • Multilingual user manual, including Italian
  • Guarantee
  • Micro USB cable with plug
  • Support with 2 screws for possible anchoring to the wall or ceiling

As you can also see from this "artisan" photo of mine, the product is of excellent quality and I must say also characterized by a beautiful design.

YI Dome Wifi Camera Installation and Configuration

The steps to follow are very simple:

  1. Download the App by framing the QR code in the manual (or by searching for it on Google Play or the App Store)
  2. Plug the camera into an outlet
  3. Follow the voice instructions (in Italian) given by the camera itself to guide you to connect to your wifi network.
  4. (if you want, I haven't done it for the moment) fix the camera to the ceiling or wall

Summary judgment and pros and cons of the YI Dome Wifi camera

My rating of the Wifi YI Dome camera is very positive.

The product is of excellent quality, easy to install, has many interesting features (which I have described in this article) and above all a very interesting quality / price ratio.

The only points that you need to keep in mind are (obviously) the need to have a wifi connection and the need to keep the YI Dome connected to a power outlet (batteries are not required)

If you are interested in reading the Amazon card with the opinion of other users and eventually buy the product this is the direct link you need to follow.

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