Winter garden: plants

Winter garden: plants

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Winter Garden, for those who cannot give up the idea of ​​cultivating and of make plants and ideas bloom despite the cold and maybe even snow. You need to have character to know how to make and maintain a garden in the winter season but also the right indications to leave and not to waste seeds and energy. Here they are! If you want to explore instead garden ideas wide-ranging, click on link

Winter garden: plants and flowers

There are flowers and plants that prefer this season, a bit like those who dream - and personally I know many - of living in Iceland or the North Cape. They are the ones to bet on to get in Luxuriant winter garden and that does not make us regret the spring. The Rhododendron, for example, it is a plant that blooms all year round, it can play the role of a winter rose, in fact it is also called Rose of the Alps.

Another flower that can animate ours in winter Winter Garden, it is also interesting for its properties and gives its best when the climate is not very cold.

There Violet it is bold, the horned one flourishes even with the cold and the same strong and courageous character has the heather, a perennial plant which, precisely because it is always colorful, is often used to decorate pots and gardens so that they are not desolating when the cold rule.

Calling itself "winter jasmine", Yellow jasmine is another of the protagonists this season while hellebore contributes with other colors: white, pink or purple. In a Winter garden with all the trimmings, of course, the snowdrop cannot be missing.

DIY winter garden

In a DIY winter garden, there must also be vegetables, so that it turns into a corner that produces food. There are species that grow without problems even in cold weather, to be sown in January or February. Let's start from lettuce, recommended in all its varieties. Even the onions they are fine, just reserve them a rich soil, not too sandy or clayey and once planted, in January or February, then they grow in six weeks.

Starting from November, until February-March, we can plant the peas, protecting the shoots from the attacks of the greedy birds. In February we can also plant potatoes, to harvest them about three months later, the Swiss chard is very useful in a winter garden both to be eaten and for the aesthetic contribution what a damage.

An ingredient that cannot be missing is thegarlic, at least in the garden, then in the kitchen it depends on your tastes. Let's bury the bulbs at a distance of 4 cm waiting for them to germinate, it is not necessary to stay too much behind this plant and it performs well compared to the minimum space it occupies.

Winter garden in wood

Who is cold but does not want to give up a winter Garden, he can build a wooden structure that protects him from the cold by letting him admire his flowers and plants through the dome in wood and plexiglass, or glass. So here we are in one, isolated in nature.

We can read, relax, drinking tea with friends. There are those who prefer it square, some rectangular, others rounded. It is sufficient that the structures are minimal and the transparent surfaces prevail so as not to perceive any barrier between us and ours winter garden.

Winter garden in Milan

When it comes to winter gardens in Milan, it is necessary to go to via Gian Battista Pirelli and imagine what will soon arise there. We are 500 meters from the Central and Garibaldi stations and thanks to Chinese investments, a building with 15 floors above ground will emerge, and another six underground, with over 100 apartments.

A garden in winter is not just a slogan for the new skyscraper coming soon, because in addition to the "normal" green areas provided for this new construction, there will also be special features ad hoc greenhouses designed to accommodate decorative and flowering plants, small vertical gardens, shrubs and climbing plants, sapling citrus fruits and all that can enrich with imagination a winter garden in the center.

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