How to reuse leftover rice

How to reuse leftover rice

How to reuse leftover rice: from gastronomy to the most disparate uses in different fields, this is what we can do with rice leftovers.

Rice is a highly appreciated food used in international gastronomy in the kitchen; thanks to this delicious food we can make excellent dishes, starting from first courses such as risotto and rice timbales, up to desserts. And what about the famous Sicilian arancini?

It may happen that you have some problems with the quantities of rice to be dropped into the water, therefore you can often have a lot left over: what to do? Leftover rice can prove to be a precious resource both in the culinary and aesthetic fields. In all these cases, let's see what to do with the leftover rice.

How to use leftover rice, recommendations

The first thing to do is to freeze the leftover rice, perhaps in many small single portions, which we can then defrost and reuse as needed.

How to reuse leftover rice in cooking

Leftover rice can be reused in several ways! For example, we can make a rice cake: just add milk and sugar, knead and bake for about twenty minutes.

Another nice and tasty idea is to prepare tasty rice pancakes. Here is the recipe. Add some eggs to the rice (one for every 200 g. Of rice approximately), season with cinnamon or nutmeg. Heat a drizzle of oil in a non-stick pan, shape the mixture into balls and cook for a few minutes.

Leftover rice can also be used with pre-cooked legumes. Just let the onion fry in hot oil, add the pre-cooked legumes and let them cook for a few minutes. Add the leftover white rice and mix well. Cook everything for about 10 minutes, and your rice and legume soup is ready.

Another tasty idea is to make tasty arancini. Just flavor the rice with some sauce, take small portions of rice, work lightly with your hands and in the center add a piece of provala, a fried mince of meat. Close the dough in the shape of a pyramid, to form the shape of the classic arancini, pass the arancino in the beaten egg then in the breadcrumbs and finally fry for a few minutes.

How to reuse rice, alternative uses

Not many know that leftover rice can also be used in areas other than the culinary one. Here are some atypical and original uses of rice, from cleaning objects to body care. take note

For face cleansing

Rice is a precious ally in cleansing the rice face. In this case it will be necessary to get into the habit of not throwing away the cooking water. Just wash your face with this water to benefit from all its beneficial properties. Obviously the water must be at room temperature.

To massage sore muscles

Rice is a great remedy for sore muscles and for relaxing. This remedy consists in inserting a handful of hot leftover rice inside a wool sock. Massage on the areas you intend to treat.

For cleaning bottles and jars

If you have objects at home that are difficult to clean with your hands such as bottles and vases, you can use rice. Just pour in these objects, a handful of rice and add soap and water. The result will be surprisingly effective.

To protect objects from rust

The rice cooking water, already used as a facial beauty treatment, can be recycled to polish the natural oxidation silverware. Rice also protects metals from the annoying rust formation. Just pour a handful of beans into the toolbox.

For mobile phone

Who hasn't happened to drop their mobile phone in a puddle of water or even worse in the toilet bowl? In this case you have to remove the battery and put it in a bowl with the rice. The cereal will absorb moisture.

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