Best mixer, expert opinions

Best mixer, expert opinions

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Best mixer: here are the opinions of the experts on the criteria for choosing the best mixer to use at home.

The best mixer to use at home is certainly the one that has a mechanical arm with orbital movement. Where, that is, the mechanical arm rotates both on itself and along an imaginary circumference, reaching every point of the bowl. In this way, the dough tends to incorporate oxygen and not too many residues are generated.

The best mixer is not the professional one

Those looking for aprofessional mixermust know that these tools are "overrated", perhaps even for the price! Professional mixers are designed to process 40 - 60 and even more than 90 kg of dough at a time. They have a very powerful engine capable of running, non-stop, for several hours…. At home all this is not needed! At home you need thebest mixersuitable for the needs of a family that… even when it eats, will never consume 90 kg of dough (to be left to rise!).

For your curiosities aboutprofessional mixerswe refer you to the article "Mixer or planetary" where we compare the orbital mixers to those with plunging, fork or spiral arms, which are the most popular professional mixers in pastry and kitchen laboratories. There is also a detailed section dedicated to the purchase price ofprofessional mixers. After this necessary premise on the overestimation ofprofessional mixers, let's talk about thebest mixerfor home use.

The best mixer should last you a lifetime

Therebest mixeryou shouldto chooseonly once in a lifetime! In fact, it should be so resistant as to provide you with perfect doughs, well blended and with a good incorporation of oxygen. In addition, the best mixerit should be long lasting.

Unfortunately, much of themixersthat we find on the market is equipped with an indirect drive motor. This motor delivers energy to a series of gears connected to the mechanical arm. These gears tend to wear out very quickly and give life to a costly product both from an economic point of view (it can break easily and wears easily) and from an energy point of view (these motors consume more energy). The indirect drive motors, in fact, force you to choose a mixer of at least 1000 watts to be able to process 4 - 5 kg of dough. Mixers with indirect grip motor struggle when you have to use them for more than 20 minutes and are therefore subject to breakage.

Fortunately, aprofessional mixer domestic must be equipped with a direct drive motor. Themixers with direct drive motorthey are more expensive but ... It is important not to skimp on the purchase price if you want a product that can last you a long time and give you excellent performance.

Best mixer, opinions

As already specified in the guide article on how to choose the mixer, among the best direct-drive mixers we recommend the Kenwood KMX 51 G model offered on Amazon at the promotional price of 319 euros with free shipping costs. According to theopinionsof users who have already used this machine (and also according to mine) it is a great product.

The model in question is made of light metal (die-cast aluminum) has a bowl in steel or transparent tempered glass (chosen by the user). The direct drive motor has a power of 500 watts. It offers 6 speeds and can knead 5 kg of dough.

It offers wire and leaf hooks and whips and the classic dough hook. Other accessories can be bought separately to make the object more complete, for example, I personally associated it with a die for making pasta at home and I am very happy with it. The bowl has a splash guard and in electronics stores (Euronics, Trony ...) it is often offered on offer at the price of 390 euros. Its list price is 429 euros.

Since prices are always updated, before buying speculate a little to get the product at the best price!

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