Kaolin, all uses

Kaolin, all uses

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Kaolin, all the info on where to buy and how it is used in cosmetics, for body care or in agriculture, for garden care.

Therekaoliniteis a clayey mineral with the chemical composition Al2Yes2OR5(OH)4. It is commonly known askaolinorWhite clayand is used in various sectors. It is used in the pharmaceutical sector, in medicine, in cosmetics, for body care and also in agriculture and in the construction sector. Obviously, based on the use, we are talking about a specially combined compound. Koalinite, among the types of clay, is the most ancient known and used.

Kaolin, what is it

Thekaolincan be described as a silicate-based and aluminum-rich compound. It has a dusty, soft appearance, usually white in color and is often used as a starting base for preparing other types of clays. For example, with the addition of iron oxides, red clay can be obtained.

Typically the chemical formula ofkaolinis the one described above, however often the chemical formula is described in terms of oxides, Al2OR32SiO2H2O. Starting from this formula, depending on the use, different ones are obtainedcompositionsuseful for different purposes.

Kaolin in medicine: pharmaceutical use

In medicine it is used to accelerate blood clotting. In April 2008, the US Naval Medical Research Institute announced the successful use of a kaolinite derivative to produce gauze to help heal wounds faster.

In folk medicine, to relieve stomach pain and to treat diarrhea. White clay is found in various medicines for the treatment of diarrhea and other intestinal disorders

Kaolin in agriculture

To prepare natural repellents, you can take advantage of the properties of white clay. In particular, you can make a homemade repellent spray from distilled water and ventilated white clay.

In organic farming, kaolin is widely used to prevent insect damage or to prevent sunburn.

Kaolin in cosmetics: cosmetic use

Thecoalino, better known asWhite clay, it is widely used in body care cosmetics. It is used for the preparation of beauty masks, face soaps and anti-cellulite packs.

Clays are often used for the preparation ofanti-cellulite mudsand kaolinite is also widely used. For all uses in the cosmetic field, please read the page:white clay or kaolin.

It is considered an excellent natural remedy for pimples and acne and, in general, it is recommended for all people with oily skin problems. More information: clay masks.

A white clay mask soothes the skin, eliminates toxins and disinfects. To take advantage of the kaolinitefor the preparation of anti-cellulite muds, you can add carrot seed essential oil which, together with kaolin, promotes blood microcirculation so as to nourish the skin on the surface and fight impurities.

Kaolin, all uses

Theremineral kaoliniteit is used in the paper industry to give the pages a certain sheen (coated paper).

Other Uses:

  • For the production of toothpaste.
  • In the ceramic industry, white clay is the main constituent of porcelain.
  • In paints, it modifies their gloss levels.
  • In the stickers.
  • Together with red clay, in the composition of different types of lime, typical of Nepal.
  • In construction, themetakaolinit is used for the preparation ofpozzolan.

Kaolin, where to buy it

There saleof kaolin still does not involve large shopping centers, in fact this product can only be found in shops specializing in the purchase and sale of natural products or using online ecommerce. On Amazon, a jar ofwhite ventilated clay or coalinohigh purity, is offered at a price of about 5.95 euros with free shipping costs.

Regardless of where you buy the white clay, make sure that the kaolin is pure and possibly"Ultra ventilated"or "ventilated "which is easier to use both for preparing useful compounds inagricultureboth (and above all) for the preparation of masks and beauty packs.

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