Dishwasher energy label

Dishwasher energy label

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Dishwasher energy label: how to read it and understand consumption and characteristics of the appliance. Energy class and other info.

That ofdishwasheris among the most recently introduced energy labels for household appliances. The legislation is linked to the Commission Delegated Regulation No. 1059/2010 of 28 September 2010. Despite its recent introduction, on the market there are very efficient models that are configured in the energy class A +++. Seeing such high efficiency classes is not a foregone conclusion for every household appliance. For example, for ovens, models with an energy efficiency class higher than A + are not yet available and for refrigerators it is difficult to go beyond A ++.

Dishwasher energy label

The efficiency of these appliances has increased a lot in recent years, especially as regards:

  • load capacity
  • water consumption
  • electricity consumption
  • drying efficiency

What do you read aboutenergy labelof thedishwasher? In the foreground the name of the manufacturer and the code or name of the product. In the background, the energy class of the appliance. Consumption appears after the energy class box.

Question abouthow much a dishwasher consumes, when buying, it is very wise but water consumption must also be considered. In the last line you can see four pictograms. The first indicates the annual consumption of water expressed in liters. Water consumption is recorded for the washing of moderately soiled dishes and above all with the Standard washing cycle.

Also on the last line, you can read the load capacity expressed in number of covers. Next to it, immediately the pictogram indicating the noise emission expressed in decibels (sound emission).

If you want to buy a new dishwasher, we invite you to read our guide article onhow to choose the dishwasher.

Dishwasher, energy class and consumption

Thedishwasherthey count on 7 energy efficiency classes. They range from class A +++ to class D. Consumption varies according to the energy class.

How much does a dishwasher consume? Low consumption dishwashers are class A +++ dishwashers with consumptions lower than 237 kWh / year.

How much does a class A + dishwasher consume? The energy consumption class A + sees annual consumption that can reach 290 kWh.

The consumptions indicated on the label refer to 180 washing cycles. In particular, with standard mode and with the basket loaded with the number of place settings indicated on the label. So we see that the consumptions we read on the label are not always the ones we find in the home environment.

Thereenergy consumption classit is not the only one we read on the energy label. Below is thedrying efficiency classwhich, depending on the appliance, will belong to a scale ranging from A to G. For drying efficiency, in fact, we see that there are no A +, A ++ or A +++ classes because the most efficient is A.

To save on the consumption of a dishwasher, in addition to choosing a high energy efficiency class, we recommend using ecological washing.

Household appliances energy labels

On the subject ofenergy labels of household applianceswe point out the cards and instructions to understand the consumption and characteristics of various electrical appliances.

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Do-it-yourself dishwasher tablets

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