How to build a planter

How to build a planter

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How to build a brick or wooden planter. The instructions, step by step, to make a DIY planter with wood or with bricks and concrete.

In this article we will try to explain to you how to build a planter, an element capable of giving the garden more order and beauty.

With the construction of the planter you will be able to divide the garden into several rooms. Thanks to our guide "how to build a planter ", it will be possible to realize planters both in the garden and on the terrace. In particular, we will explain:

  1. How to make a brick and concrete planter
  2. How to make a wooden planter
  3. How to make a planter from a carved wooden log

How to build a brick and concrete planter

This DIY is within everyone's reach but you need to have either a lot of patience, or a certain manual skill! In the absence of good dexterity, patience will save you from a non-linear wall.

Here's what it takes for builda DIY concrete planter.

  • Crushed stone or gravel for the foundation
    These materials are not needed if there is already a floor.
  • Concrete
  • Solid bricks
  • Cement mortar
  • Gravel for drainage
    If you want build a planter on the terrace it will be essential to replace the gravel with expanded clay.
  • Membrane or filter sheet

As for the tools you will need it for build a planter, you won't have to do extra shopping, you can use tools you already have at home.

You will only need some digging tools, a trowel and a level to check that your wall is exactly level, with no slopes.

DIY planter, made with brick and concrete

For simplicity, let's break down the process ofdo-it-yourselfin several steps. If you already have a flooring, skip the first paragraph dedicated to foundations.

# 1. The foundation

If you have to build a planter on beaten ground, in one area there is no existing pavement, it will be necessary to excavate the foundation: trace a perimeter, dug to a depth of about 25-30 cm, fill the excavation with 10 cm of crushed stone or scree and pressed. Finish the foundation by casting 15-20 cm of concrete. It will take a day to solidify the concrete.

#2. The walls

When the concrete of the foundation is completely solid, proceed with the construction of the wall. A low wall can be as thick as one or two bricks, depending on the size of the bricks chosen. In build the wall of yours planter, remember to leave drainage holes along the base (in the first brick laying, remember to leave a hole of a few centimeters between one row of bricks and the other). The last brick laying of your wall must be placed on the coast. Between one row of bricks and the other, a layer of mortar must be placed which will act as a binder.

# 3. Plants

Roll out on the bottom of the planter a filter sheet turned up on the sides. On this filter sheet, add a layer of about 5 cm of gravel for drainage. Again, spread a filter membrane on the gravel, turning it vertically so that it covers the internal walls of your planter. Fill the planter with soil and plant the plants.

Do it yourself: brick and concrete bbq

With bricks and concrete you can also make a small garden barbecue. Following this line, we would like to point out another guide dedicated to DIY jobs for the garden: how to build a barbecue.

How to build a wooden planter

If you want to do planters from a height of more than 50 cm, we do not recommend working with wood. Wood is suitable for those who intendmake planterslow, with a contained height. Forplantersfrom a height of more than 50 cm, trust thedo-it-yourselfwithbrick and concrete. For lower planters, wood is a perfect material!

If you buy raw wood tiles, remember that you will need to cover them with impregnating to make them waterproof and durable. The complete procedure of this DIY is available on the page:how to build a wooden planter.

How to build a planter carved into a tree trunk

If you have a log or a large piece of wood, you can make a perfect carving to house some plants.

For this do it yourself you will need:

  • A chainsaw
    Alternatively, hacksaw, chisel and hammer
  • Wood stump to dig
  • Chisel and hammer
  • Impregnator for wood
  • Drill with tip for wood
  • Abrasive sponge
  • Felt tip pen

Complete instructions are contained in the article: how to build a planter from a log.

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