Homemade corn milk

Homemade corn milk

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Homemade corn milk, the recipewith blender or juice extractor. Properties and advice for use.

Natural corn milk looks like a sweet drink but ... the most difficult palates can enrich it with a little agave syrup or honey.

You can serve thehomemade corn milkwith a sprinkle of cinnamon ... the choice is yours.

Corn milk

Thecorn milkit is one of the lesser known types of "vegetable milk", yet it is very simple to prepare at home. It is appreciated for its very sweet flavor. In my opinion, the corn milk it is much better than the more popular oat milk than al my palate is bland.

In fact, when we talk aboutvegetable milkwe are completely wrong in the approach. Drinks made from corn, oats, rice, soy… have nothing to do with milk. When we define a vegetable drink "milk", we already arestigmatizing and so we risk leaving prejudiced about its taste which has nothing to do with milk proper.

For convenience, I will continue to talk aboutcorn milk, but make it clear in your minds that it is a vegetable drink with a very peculiar flavor.

Thecorn milkit is an excellent source of vitamin B1, precious micronutrients for improving the body's energy production.

Homemade corn milk

Formake homemade corn milkyou will need:

  • 3 fresh corn cobs
  • 250 ml of water

The water can be replaced with another vegetable drink as you wish. I'm sure that, once you become familiar with this drink, you won't be able to do without it! It is very regenerating and helps to face the hot summer days.


  1. Peel the corn cobs.
    If you don't know how, read my guidehow to clean corn cobs.
  2. Cut the beans with a wide blade knife, as shown in the photo above.
  3. Transfer the beans to the mixing bowl and add the water. Operate at maximum intensity.
  4. Pour the mixture into a pot, bring everything to a boil, lower the intensity of the flame and let it cook for 10 minutes. Stir from time to time.
  5. Pour the liquid into very fine mesh gauze or muslin cloth.
  6. Let it filter and collect the liquid. The liquid you will get is yourscorn milk.

In fact, corn milk can be served both cold and hot. So you can drink some even just prepared.

The procedure for preparing corn milk with the juice extractor is very different and shown in the next paragraph ... The taste is also different so I recommend that you prepare it by following both procedures and then choose the one that satisfies your palate the most.

How to filter corn milk or any other plant milk

To filter thecorn milk like any other vegetable drink, you can use a very tight sieve or a traditional cloth. Our grandparents, for the preparation of ricotta or almond milk, used the muslin cloth, a very useful rag in the kitchen. The muslin cloth is ideal for filtering and straining any food, from jams to ricotta, dal vegetable milk with first salt cheese.

Muslin cloth can be purchased in catering supply stores or by taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon, a large muslin cloth (114 x 114 cm) can be bought at a price of 7.89 euros with free shipping.

Useful link from Amazon: muslin cloth

If you have a virgin cotton kitchen towel (tightly meshed) you can use it almost like a muslin rag so you don't need to buy it. The important thing is to use a cloth or a sieve with excellent filtering power.

Corn milk with extractor

Those who, like me, are lucky enough to have a juice extractor, can prepare an excellent vegetable drink in a matter of minutes. In the article entitled "vegetable milk with extractor" I have provided you with the recipes to prepare a good number of vegetable drinks at home, in a few minutes, such as:

  • Almond milk
  • Corn milk
  • Avena's milk

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