Acne in summer: natural remedies

Acne in summer: natural remedies

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Acne in the summer, a problem that can even get worse if we don't take proper precautions. The sun and the good weather deceive us and then in autumn our skin can appear more marked than it was before long sunbathing. There summer season, for the climate, for the frequent use of tanning lamps that some do, and unfortunately due to the suspension of dermatological treatments that many start as soon as they go on vacation, it can make us get worse in September. It is not a doomed and inevitable, so let's see how to prepare to live theacne in summer without ruining our holidays.

Summer acne: protection

Let's not be fooled by the fact that the skin appears less greasy and with fewer blemishes: the brightest and most present rays of the sun are not healing us. Indeed, we cannot see it in real time but they accentuate the inflammatory process which is then at the base of acne, make the most superficial layer of the epidermis, called layer, thicker, and this leads to the formation of blackheads. The hateful ones, properly called comedones.

The quite brilliant idea of stopping the use of anti-acne drugs can really create problems for us. Not everyone knows that there are many products against summer acne that can be used, even in association with sunscreen creams. There are dedicated ones, created especially for acne-prone skin, because they are not occlusive so they keep blackheads away from our face.

We can better deal with acne in the summer use cleansers and moisturizers at will and therefore, never interrupt treatments. Otherwise in September, the problem will flare up again.

Acne in summer: natural remedies

They exist on the market various types of products suitable for treating acne in the summer whether it is mild, whether it is intermediate, and that they do not show phototoxic phenomena. They are usually gels based on hydrogen peroxide and hyaluronic acid.

On line on Amazon at 12 euros we can also buy a gel with T.ea Tree in packs of 25 ml, suitable for impure skin and also containing azelaic acid, zinc and aloe vera

While the tan, making the skin more golden, tries to convince us that summer acne is passing, we must continue to treat it with the most suitable products which certainly do not make the skin more sensitive to UV rays.

Acne in summer: nutrition

There are no foods banned to cure acne in the summer, the only ingredient that is best avoided is milk. This food is the only one that could be involved in the onset of acne. Apart from the milk, if we follow a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, on the nutrition side, we can feel free.

Acne in summer: tips

Apart from the diet, there are precautions that can be taken to prevent acne from getting worse in the summer. Let's start at do not expose us directly to the sun, especially if we are taking tetracycline-based antibiotics. Another simple thing to say but difficult to do is avoid squeezing pimples because further bacterial infections and scarring can be created.

Cleanse the face well and with quality products is always useful and necessary, in summer with even more acne, and when we choose creams and soaps, we check that they are aggressive but specific for acne-prone skin. It is good be more careful and cautious to our skin if we see the first "worrying" signs appear: if we notice that it is always shiny, oily and with pimples, for example. If we don't know what to do, we do not trust in the sun but we go to a dermatologist without waiting for autumn.

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