Exercises for memory

Exercises for memory

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Exercises for memory, at any age they are useful, to never lose it and to stay in shape even in the head and not only in the body. Mens sana in corpore sano, and memory is included in the mental and psychological health package. When in fact it happens that we do not remember things, whether they are names, numbers or events, it can also be a reason for sadness, discomfort or a decrease in self-esteem. Do exercises for memory it costs very little, in terms of time and energy, and it can also be fun if we take them as a game. Any age we have. There are several books that suggest exercises for memory, but also real courses to learn how to remember.

Long-term memory exercises

The exercises for memory in the long run they are very much linked to lifestyle. In fact, to make sure you don't forget things that happened years and years ago, or to try to do so in 30 years we will remember what today we are living, it is necessary to eat in a healthy way and with ad hoc foods.

I'm not talking about supplements but about natural foods recommended by experts such as walnuts, a great source of sodium, important for brain health. There are instead habits that are bad for memory in the long term, and also for our body in general: smoking, alcohol abuse, excess "bad" fats.

If we keep fit and do few but regular daily exercises for memory, that in the long run will remain in perfect shape. If we also want to learn new things and count on the fact that they will stay in our mind for a long time, then let's learn while exercising.

Exercises for short-term memory

Exercises for short memory are simple and fun, they work if done regularly and without "cheating". More than exercise, the clock is a kind of trick. Let's put it on the opposite side than usual, in a few days we will get used to check the time by looking at the right arm.

We can then change again, thus keeping the short-term memory always in training. Moving on to more difficult memory exercises, we can dress with closed eyes or change the arrangement of some objects, once a week, so that every day we are asked to remember, because it is not enough to act "by default".

Exercises for photographic memory

To have photographic memory it means remembering what you see, to do it, it is essential and indispensable to observe carefully. When we look a person, an environment or a slide of presentation, we must therefore within ourselves, think of describing what we see to a person we have on the phone or who cannot see them for any reason.

Then, in the evening, we try to write on a piece of paper what do we remember about that person, that environment or that important slide.

Exercises for memory: children

For children there are fun memory exercises, which even adults can do very well without being ashamed. Rather!

Let's try one with the words: let's choose a word and let's look for another 10 starting with the same letter in the shortest possible time. There are many exercises for memory even with numbers that become interesting challenges to be done even between friends. They can be found on the collections of puzzles and crosswords, but we can invent them ad hoc. And then there is the famous "memory" game, with cards, which has entertained generations and generations on trips, holidays and afternoons on the beach.

Exercises for the memory of the elderly

For the elderly in addition to the real weekly courses, even online, and training to keep the mind trained, there are games to play with books. For example, a fairly complicated exercise, you can choose a sentence from any book and then try to form another sentence using the same words.

Turning to the numbers, make the divisions, inventing them and then solving them is a great way to remain people with excellent memories at any age. Furthermore, knowing how to calculate is always needed.

Free memory exercises

Free, exercises for memory, there are millions of them and daily life offers us many opportunities to exercise it. Just pay attention to it and take seriously your desire not to become forgetful. Have one healthy eating and regular physical activity, they are not a price to pay but habits that do not cost much and that also save us in medical expenses, because they prevent us not only from forgetting things but also from getting sick.

For those who want some suggestions, here free memory exercises, indeed, at the cost of the book that can also be purchased on Amazon: The art of remembering. Practical exercises to improve memory (Paolo Viola)

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