Noisy refrigerator, what to do

Noisy refrigerator, what to do

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Noisy refrigerator: possible causes and solutions. Advice on what to do and when to contact a technician. Noise from the engine, vibrations and continuous noise.

If you have noticed weirdnoisesissued by yourfridge, be careful! You could have an appliance in your homeeat energy. Acontinuous noiseit could be an indication of an anomalous and continuous activity of the motor which, by overloading, could not only yield and wear out prematurely, but could consume an excess of electricity.

Check the energy label of the refrigerator. If the measured consumptions are far higher than those indicated on the label, it is advisable to contact technical assistance.

Refrigerator, consumption

How to understand how much the refrigerator consumes?
To read the consumption of the refrigerator, simply plug in a current meter to the appliance.

On the market there are very useful consumption meters. An excellent electricity consumption meter can be bought on Amazon at a price of 34.49 euros (free shipping).

For all the info:RCE PM600 precision meter

There are also cheaper models but which will not be able to read the consumption of low absorption appliances. If your refrigerator is class A ++ or with inverter technology, purchase the recommended meter. If your fridge is dated or energy class A, a cheaper meter will work as well.

Fridge, engine noise

Theinverter refrigeratorit has the advantage of being extremelysilentwhen it is not opened. However, when the motor is stressed and extra effort is required, the inverter motor may generate noise. In this case the noise is perceived only when the engine starts and stops when it stops its activity. To avoid being bothered by theengine noiseof theinverter fridge, it is necessary to provide a more appropriate adjustment of the feet.

Generally, in all refrigerators, the front feet should be adjusted to create a certain slope. The back should be lowered than the front. In this way, by letting go of the fridge door, it will close due to the natural slope you have created.

Adjusting the refrigerator feet is often underestimated, however, a wrong adjustment can be the main cause of a noisy refrigerator, even if new!

The most classic noise emitted by the refrigerator it's a kind of hum always coming from the engine. In this case there could be problems with the compressor not perfectly fixed to the frame.

If, on the other hand, the refrigerator vibrates continuously and the noise is continuous, it is necessary to check the verticality and that it is well welded to the ground with its four feet. In this case there could also be contact with another piece of furniture or with the wall. We remind you that thefridgeit must be well spaced from the wall so as not tooverloadthe engine and allow lower consumption in the bill.

If the noise coming from fridge it is similar to a gurgling in reality there is nothing to worry about as this noise occurs with the circulation of gas in the refrigerant circuit.

Same thing if you hear a noisesimilar to a rustle that stands out particularly in frost-free refrigerators: it is simply the fan that circulates the air.

Noisy refrigerator, when requiring the intervention of a technician

Before calling for help, it is a good idea to make sure that the noises are not completely natural. How to make sure? Read the user manual! If you have lost the use and maintenance manual of the fridge you can find it easily.

On the manufacturer's website, in fact, by entering the product code or the model name of yoursfridge, you can download the user manual and carefully read the section dedicated to suspicious noises.

If unable to download the manual, all manufacturers have a technical service available through a call center. There is no need to pay for any intervention. Make a preliminary phone call and describe the symptoms of your noisy refrigerator, the operator will certainly be able to help you.

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