Dyshidrosis: symptoms and remedies

Dyshidrosis: symptoms and remedies

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Dyshidrosis, a problem that affects the skin and mainly affects that of the hands and feet. It can be countered with drugs and even faced with natural remedies, definitively healing is rather difficult but you can still make sure that the damage is slight and that suffering is minimal. Unfortunately, most of the drugs that are prescribed in these cases are antihistamines or corticosteroids, which is why the natural remedies for treat dyshidrosis they are always to be preferred, especially if it comes to applying them to children and pregnant women.

Dyshidrosis: what it is

It is a skin disorder, the dyshidrosis, and causes small and painful bubbles to appear on the hands and feet. When they become inflamed, they cause a very annoying, sometimes unbearable itch. One can call this problem even eczema dehydrous, the symptoms do not change, nor do the treatments that can be natural and pharmacological.

Dyshidrosis: contagious

While the question may arise that it is, it is not. Of course, seeing bubbles on people's hands, the worry may be there, but there dyshidrosis is not contagious at all. So let's shake hands quietly to those who suffer from it and, after reading this article, we can also advise them natural cures or old grandmother's remedies with which to replace drugs that are sometimes difficult to physically bear if taken continuously.

Dyshidrosis: causes

They are not yet clear and certify the causes of this said disorder dyshidrotic eczema. If on the hands, it is palmar, if on the feet, plantar. There are obviously various hypotheses, most of which are plausible. The causes can be of psychological origin, such as a strong state of stress, but also physical, such as an allergy, one
excessive personal hygiene orexaggerated habit to wash your hands dozens of times a day and for no reasonable reason.

Dyshidrosis: symptoms

L'dyshidrotic eczema it manifests itself with the appearance of skin bubbles filled with liquid, on the hands or feet, on the soles of the feet. Usually after three weeks the bubbles disappear, causing an itchy sensation very unpleasant and leave the skin dry, often also scaly.

It is a disorder that recurs in a persistent and cyclical way, let's not delude ourselves that we have got rid of it, if we see the bubbles disappear, because they will reappear and with similar annoyance. Between symptoms of dyshidrosis in addition to blisters and itching, there are also blisters near the fingernails and toenails which, when infected, may contain pus. At this point pain and redness they are much more intense and form on the skin of real scabs to show to a doctor.

Hand and foot dyshidrosis

As already mentioned, dyshidrosis can be palmar or plantar, the symptoms are similar and even the treatments, natural or pharmacological, do not show many differences.

Dyshidrosis: children

Children who suffer from this disorder are often the same ones already suffering from Atopic dermatitis, problem related to a incorrect nutrition or to intolerances towards a particular food. There are also cases in which food does not center and the cause is to be found in excessive sweating or intestinal infections.

Dyshidrosis: remedies

Finally the remedies to this very annoying disorder that affects areas of the body that are almost impossible not to use. Noting that there is no definite cure for the dyshidrosis, let's see what are the natural treatments to be combined with the pharmacological ones that the doctor can prescribe.

Let's start at improve lifestyle, removing stress and trying to wear cotton clothing, which allows the skin to breathe. We use a moisturizing cream quality and a mild, neutral pH soap.

The most effective herbs to treat the dyshidrosis are aloe, known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory action, to be applied as a gel to first sign of itching, and the Perilla, with antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effects. Chamomile can also help with dyshidrosis. Among the grandmother's remedies we can try, there are rice starch and baking soda.

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