Highly digestible foods

Highly digestible foods

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Highly digestible foods, those that don't stay on our stomach for hours and hours, ruining our afternoon or evening, putting us in a bad mood or making it difficult for us to work in the afternoon. Everyone has their preferences, each body reacts in its own way to what is ingested, but there are highly digestible foods that are universally or almost recommended. Let's see what they are and what other benefits, apart from digestibility, have.

There are also gods highly digestible foods that turn out to be such are if combined in the right way, so it is good to know this before thinking about the menu of the day.

Highly digestible foods

The highly digestible foods that work in 99% of cases are honey, tea, fruit, wine, mashed potatoes, fish. We are in luck as they are all tasty and affordable. Each has a super power, the honey is a natural anti-inflammatory, used to quell coughs and disinfect the urinary tract, as well as to detoxify the liver. The te is another major detoxifier, fruit is instead precious because it is rich in fibers that purify the intestinal tract.

Let's move on to wine: the red one, drunk in moderation, prevents stroke, atherosclerosis and heart attack, mashed potatoes are rich in magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium and sodium. Fish is one of the most valuable highly digestible foods, because in addition to not creating stomach problems it is a source of Omega 3, it protects the eyesight and during pregnancy it helps the development of the fetus.

Highly digestible foods for babies

THE highly digestible foods they are a very delicate matter to deal with. Of course, you cannot take the above list and use it on a par, quite the contrary! I would say that, starting with wine, but also moving on to mashed potatoes and fish, it is better to think separately and above all to consult a doctor. On infant feeding and therefore even on highly digestible foods for babies, there are too many legends that can lead us to make mistakes.

High digestibility pizza

Tasty, Italian, nutritious and healthy, pizza can be difficult to digest. Almost everything depends on the preparation of the highly digestible dough. Let's start using the mother yeast and be careful about the fermentation or leavening time because what it makes a not very digestible pizza it is the fact that it can continue to ferment in our stomach during the night.

High digestibility milk

There are many people who have objective difficulties to digest milk and its derivatives. Even some combinations involving milk are not very digestible or not winning. For example whole grains drenched in milk they prevent the body from assimilating the calcium present in milk.

As for cheese, we can pair it with meat because of the taste, but in terms of digestibility, it's not good at all. When we want drink simple milk, we can try the one that bears the word "highly digestible" but the result is not guaranteed, it depends on the surrounding conditions and also on the reasons why we have difficulty digesting it.

Highly digestible ice cream

The highly digestible ice cream it may appeal as an idea but in truth, it is difficult to identify. On the packaging, if we see the writing that reads like this, it is better to investigate in what sense. As for instead melted ice cream, this label can mean everything and nothing. Better to inform us about ingredients that our ice cream maker uses, often in fact at zero km, organic, good. And it goes without saying that they make ice cream healthier and more digestible.

High digestibility: recipes

The recipes prepared with highly digestible foods they are the ones who know how to pair them well. A couple of highly digestible foods that don't get along can stay on our stomach for hours and hours.

Let's see how we can prepare gods tasty digestible dishes. If we want a second course of meat, let's pair it with vegetables or potatoes, cheese is also fine with vegetables, or the bread and pumpkin. Moving on to legumes, they pair very well as well as with vegetables, even with cereals.

Be fish, both eggs, with vegetables and potatoes form a magical and healthy composition. If we want some ideas, we find many in the book also available on Amazon “Low Fodmap. Highly digestible tips and recipes that are good for the intestine "written by Lorenza Dadduzio, Michela Mancarelli and Mario Bautista.

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