How to remove dog pee odor

How to remove dog pee odor

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Who doesn't hate having to deal with the smell of dog pee? Even just the thought makes you turn up your nose and there is no way to get used to this smell, it is unpleasant and it is better learn to eliminate it both from the floors and from the garden, either from the sofas or from the shoes on which the dog, especially if a puppy or elderly, has decided to leave a trace.

The problem ofThe smell of dog pee is felt especially when you have a puppy at home, or when our faithful four-legged companion is elderly and cannot always be polite, holding back their needs until the time of the walk.

To prevent it from being heard the smell of dog pee in the garden, right near where we eat or sunbathe, we can start make the animal understand that there are forbidden areas. It is not trivial but neither is it impossible. For the rest, it's up to us to figure out the optimal method for eliminate dog pee odor.

How to remove dog pee odor: cleansers

The first action that comes to mind to perform when we find ourselves a smell dog pee is to use a detergent to remove it. It may not be the most effective, but we can try. Without resorting too much to chemical mixtures, we can mix a glass of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of ecological dish soap. The resulting mix is ​​great if it comes to for example clean floors, carpets or doormats. If we sprinkle some baking soda before use, it is even better.

Also the alternation of baking soda and vinegar, it can go, it is a way to counteract both alkaline and acid substances, which are present in the dog's urine. In addition to the floors, it can be useful to do it aEven with firm fabrics and that smell like dog pee.

Another mix to experiment is the one obtained with half a glass of cornstarch and half a glass of baking soda, to be “seasoned” with about ten drops of essential oil of rosemary. A deodorant powder is obtained which absorbs the stench on carpets and tiles.

How to get rid of dog pee odor: natural remedies

A natural advice that is more preventive than curative, fordog pee smell, is that of always make the dog drink in abundant quantities. This is both because it is good for health, as it happens to people, and because when the urine is less concentrated, it smells less.

If we have to clean a washable surface, we can rinse them several times with water and lemon, using lemon peel or pure juice, also applied pure on the most critical areas.

Another natural remedy that involves the use of ingredients available in the kitchen, it is based on pepper and chilli. Taking in fact the White pepper, by mixing it with the chili powder and then sprinkling the most smelly points of a carpet or an unfortunate dress, you can drive out the smell pee urine. This natural remedy has a double function because it discourages the dog to go back to pee in the area that we have made "hot" with spices.

How to remove dog pee odor: grandma's remedies

There are natural remedies that, in addition to being a low environmental impact, they are also long-standing and therefore, almost unbeatable in terms of effectiveness and practicality. To get rid of dog pee odor, you can prepare an herbal infusion by drying it and then mixing basil, oregano, mint and lavender flowers, then pouring everything into 1 liter of boiling water. It is an excellent repellent that discourages even the bravest dog from peeing where we do not want it in a few minutes.

Always focusing onrepellent effect, we can also prepare one that works in the garden, with garlic and onions, so that the lawn doesn't smell like dog pee. We mix 2 small chopped onions, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 1 chilli pepper, 1 tablespoon of pepper and 1 tablespoon of chilli pepper with 1 liter of hot water, let it rest and then filter, sprinkling the lawn with what remains.

How to remove the smell of dog pee from the floor and sofa

We have already made several examples of natural remedies that can work on the floor as well as on the sofa. Another one to experiment with is based on just lemon juice. It works a lot if you want to keep dogs away from carpets and external walls as well.

How to remove the smell of dog pee: tips

It is not very pleasant as the smell ofvinegar, but it is undoubtedly preferable to that of canine urine. It is usually used on the outer walls of the houses also to avoid that the dogs return to do their work always in the same place, too close to where we maybe spend every day leaving the house.

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