Alternative uses of onion

Alternative uses of onion

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Alternative uses of onion: against encrustations, stains, bad smells, insect bites ... here are some alternative uses of this precious food.

Thanks to its characteristic aroma and the benefits that it can bring to everyone's table every day, onion is one of the most used and appreciated condiments in international gastronomy. Since ancient times, this precious food was considered an excellent natural remedy for many ailments and health problems.

For its high beneficial and therapeutic virtues, the onion is also used in the care of the body and well-being in general in the context of alternative medicine; in fact, it has an antibiotic, detoxifying, antioxidant action ...

It seems strange to say but nothing is thrown away from the onion, not even the peel. Not everyone knows, in fact, that, in addition to its high content of micro nutrients, this food has very interesting uses in the home, beauty and gardening environment. In fact, it can replace many commercial products, which makes it a cheaper and above all environmentally friendly alternative. How can we use onion at home?

For cleaning encrusted grills and pans

To remove burnt residues from the grill, pans and other kitchen utensils, we can take advantage of the descaling action of this ingredient; not only removes dirt, but disinfects and neutralizes bad odors. Just rub a piece of onion on the utensils to be cleaned with dish soap then rinse

Against stains

The typical sweat stains on clothes can be easily eliminated thanks to the onion. It has an action similar to that of hydrogen peroxide: it penetrates the fabrics without damaging the garment. Just apply the onion directly on the stain, let the garment soak in cold water then wash it in the washing machine as usual

Against insects

Apparently, the strong smell of onion is unpleasant for ants, mosquitoes and a wide variety of insects that invade the garden and the house. Instead of using toxic and harmful repellents, you can fill a plate with chopped onion and place it in the places of the house where insects are found. You can also put the onion pieces in a little hot water, pour the mixture into a bottle with a nebulizer and spray it around.

To eliminate the smell of paint

A little fresh onion can help you eliminate those terrible smells released by the paint or varnishes that are used for walls or furniture. Just cut the vegetable into small pieces and put it in the rooms where the smell is strongest.

To clean shoes

To remove mud and grass stains from shoe soles, you can cut a slice of raw onion and rub it for a few minutes on the stain. Then, remove the excess with a damp cloth and, if you think it is necessary, also apply a little soap.

To remove rust from metals

Many of your iron objects can be damaged due to the accumulation of rust. To refurbish them, you can rub an onion and then polish them with the help of a clean cloth.

Against insect bites

The anti-inflammatory and cooling properties of onion can be used to combat the irritation caused by insect bites. Cut a piece and apply it to the sting area. You can also use natural onion juice.

Against throat irritations

A decoction prepared with onion peel in water can fight inflammation and sore throat. If you can't stand the taste, you can add a little honey and lemon.

Against superficial burns

To prevent skin infections caused by sunburn, rub a little fresh onion on the affected area. Its sulfur compounds accelerate the skin's regeneration process and reduce the burning sensation and redness.

Against acne

The astringent and antibacterial properties of onion are very useful for fighting acne. Thanks to its qualities, this vegetable reduces excess sebum and eliminates unpleasant blackheads that are not at all pretty to look at. However, before using onion as a face mask, it is important to experiment to make sure you don't suffer from allergic reactions or that your skin isn't too sensitive.

Against hair loss

The antimicrobial properties of this ingredient fight dandruff and promote the growth of new hair. Its antioxidant compounds curb hair loss and help make it stronger and thicker. Just prepare an infusion with onion peel and a little boiling water and use the liquid obtained to rinse your hair before shampooing.

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