Isotonic drinks

Isotonic drinks

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Isotonic drinks, very useful in hot weather, because the danger of dehydration increases, but also in winter they are used by those who exercise regularly regardless of the temperatures. Those who run, those who ride, those who play soccer even in an amateur way, may need isotonic drinks to recover sweaty fluids and stay fit but also healthy.

Isotonic drink: definition

This type of drink is what it serves for cope with dehydration. The main feature is the fact of having a concentration equal to that of plasma. They are drinks that come assimilated by our body in a little time, nnot too much, but their absorption in the intestine is not immediate. Continued use of isotonic drinks during physical activity is not recommended, they contain electrolytes and 6-8% carbohydrates, quickly rehydrate those who drink them but not as much as hypotonic drinks.

Isotonic drinks and dehydration

To be able to intervene in case of dehydration or to prevent it from becoming problematic, isotonic drinks must first of all be drinkable in terms of taste because they are not medicines. Easy to absorb in the gastrointestinal tract, they are more appreciated if kept at temperatures ranging from 8 to 13 ° C.

This type of drink must contain one minimum amount of carbohydrates (5-7%), no more than 10%, the effect obtained is therefore very different compared to drinking a glass of water. Isotonic drinks therefore they are not completely replaceable by a diet rich in vegetables and washed down with pure water. Of course, a "hydrated" diet is the first step to prevent dehydration but it is not always enough.

When you are already in one condition of dehydration, drinking lots of water is not enough, you need isotonic drinks. In some cases water alone could create hyponatremia problems.

Homemade isotonic drinks

To prepare a drink that looks like isotonic ones available on the market, you can proceed by mixing five tablespoons of sugar for each liter of water, then seasoning everything with a pinch of salt and 100 ml of concentrated orange juice.

Isotonic drinks on the market: brands

Aptonia, Polase, Isosport, Enervit,… will all be names you have heard if you are one of those who play sports or go to sports equipment stores. Today isotonic drinks are found even on supermarket shelves, sometimes together with powdered salt supplements to add to drinks following the directions on the label.

It is important to respect the doses and not play the little chemist because a high salt concentration can cause bouts of diarrhea in the long run which can only worsen the state of dehydration.

Isotonic drinks: what are they for

It can be confusing when you hear about it isotonic, hypotonic or hypertonic drinks. They have different functions and there is no need to get distracted and drink one instead of the other. Isotonics are useful to rehydrate quickly and provide also energy, they contain electrolytes and 6 - 8% carbohydrates.

The hypotonic drinks they rehydrate but do not provide energy, so they have a similar amount of electrolytes but far fewer carbohydrates. The hypertonic finally, they provide energy but do not make a great contribution, on the spot, to combat dehydration. If anything, they have a long-term effect.

Isotonic drink: prices

In sports stores, supermarkets and even online, on Amazon, we can find a wide range of isotonic drinks. As for the prices, we take into account that 500 grams of isotonic exercise drink, recommended for outdoor sports, Kellerman brand, orange flavor, costs 17.20 euros.

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