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Striped tomato

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Zebra Tomato, it looks like something out of a Pixar cartoon, and yet it exists, and even in different color varieties. If black, yellow, pink, white tomatoes weren't enough, today we can also opt for these striped tomatoes. This wide choice is a consequence of the fact that over the years we have tried to introduce new types of tomatoes from America, resistant and productive. Fascinating mixes were born and certainly the one represented by the zebra tomato is one of the most curious. We find the 'Green Zebra'. the 'Red Zebra' and the 'Black Zebra'. They can also have different shapes, as well as colors.

Zebra tomato: characteristics

In many ways they think that the zebra tomato has ancient origins, but this is not so true. It dates back to the early 1980s his creation for which we must be grateful to an American nurseryman who for some time had been working with the varieties of "Tomatoes " in order to obtain new ones that are more resistant. In particular he loved the bright green, medium-sized “Evergreens”.

This tomato was good but you never knew when to pick it, it was always either too early or too late, finally after an intersection studied at the table, our nurseryman figured out how to fix it and got the tomato he wanted. The zebra tomato.

Green striped tomato

Green, said "Green Zebra", it looks like a cluster tomato, round in shape, of medium-small size. Each specimen can weigh a pound or a little more. When it ticks it is homogeneous green color and only ripening the striature appear lighter green and then turn acid yellow. The pulp does not change color, it remains bright green, the flavor as it happens in almost all tomatoes, changes and passes from sour to aromatic sweet.

Black striped tomato

In black, the zebra tomato it has something magical, it seems straight out of a fairy tale. Maybe a dark fairy tale! It is the newcomer, the most recent, introduced in 2000, thanks to a cross between the Green Zebra and a dark red, almost black tomato.

The black zebra tomato it has maintained many characteristics of the green zebra, only the color changes, even as regards the pulp which is tending to blackish.

TO level of taste, black is sweeter at first glance but then one appears almost smoky note. If it is harvested early, it is perfect for salads, then better for sauces and bruschetta. Moreover, given the color, it is certainly very decorative.

Red striped tomato

The red zebra tomato, it is not much "older" than the black one, it dates back to 1997 and comes from the United States like all its cousins. The progenitor remains the green zebra, this time crossed, as you can guess, with a bright red tomato.

With this variety we must expect smaller fruits, with a weight ranging from 60 to 90 grams each, with a very consistent skin. The pulp is bright red, the flavor, despite having a sweet aftertaste, may seem a bit sour.

Zebra-striped datterino tomato

As we mentioned, the zebra tomato, once invented, it then gave life to a series of varieties which, in addition to presenting different colors, also surprise us with shapes. An example is the zebra-colored datterino, but we can find even stranger ones with videogame names: "Artisan green tiger" , Berkeley Tie Dye, Big Yellow Zebra, Big Zebra, Black Zebra cocktail, F1 tigro, and Green Sauce, the latter green streaked with yellow and pear.

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